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Create a safe haven a sanctuary for this phenomenon so any crypt IDs any monsters and he goes and he. UFO's aliens do not get shot at on Ryan's property so without any further delay. Let's bring on Ryan and talk to him why he bought the property next door to skin Walker ranch all right today. Hey we got a great guest coming on Ryan Burns Sir. How are you can't complain can't complain? Life's as good good man so Ryan you you are an interesting guy. Because you're the only person I've ever heard of. That successfully convinced their wife to allow them to buy property pretty. That's next to skin Walker ranch. How did that happen? Let's start off there. How did that half actually tell that story and then I'm going to go into some other stuff? Yeah Yeah it is just Kinda lucky. I guess it's something that I've always wanted and I figured I'm not getting any younger and pitched it. And and she Is just awesome and it worked out so like. Hey if if you're into it if it's that important to you and you think you may not get another chance. Just go for it. Well I mean you're you're I bet there's a lot of people out there that envious of your situation at least on the surface because of knowing what that that property is near So you started going down this road road of looking into the skin Walker ranch stuff because you actually had an experience in Utah that I want you to detail But before we get into that I want to give you an opportunity a to talk about Some of the literature. That you've that you've authored. I know you're an author of one book. I'm not sure if there's more than one but You also have of a research group called Space Wolf. Research is which is Space Wolf Research Dot Com But what are some of the things that you have put out there for people to kind of look into for you. Yeah Done a couple books the Utah Ufo ranch which you can find on Amazon and also shape shifter territory which you can also find on Amazon and that was out this year hopefully coming out with another one here Berry. That's awesome Dan so Yeah this this information that you're putting out there and stuff I mean It's like you got into this because you actually had an experience agreeance with Ah shape shifter so if you could just kind of detail the story as to what happened. I know you're driving along the road and some stuff happened so let the audience. He's know exactly how you got involved with this whole idea of skin walker. Okay Yeah I'll get into what it entailed and I totally forgot People can check me out at Kiro. Paranormal L. DOT COM. I have a little podcast. So yeah the IT. It's very interesting how I got into an area that ended up being so restricted restricted and lockdown later on because it was so open back then but I had to come to an injury fishing guide I was driving around. Had I couldn't work or get my foot wet so I was driving around to stuff looking for places to fish or waterways. Just kind of really just randomly looking for fishing holes else and I was coming down that road which didn't have a gate then I you know when all the way through but but I haven't quite got to the house. I was back where the gold gate used to be. People know where the old gate used to be the recipient of clearing the right look like a trail and and something was coming down through there and I was like elderly an elderly native American. I couldn't tell if it was a here. She really had a blanket over their head and came towards the truck. And I roll down the window and said hey you WANNA get. Dan Meteorite somewhere kind of mumbled. Something just kind of grumbled in jumped up into the truck and within seconds I was just in tears. I didn't know what was going on. My reality just totally changed and it felt like my Rolodex was just getting run through Her like my brain was being hacked for highs and lows kind of our conic like it was feeding off of that or enjoying that in some way shape or form. But I don't know will that and fast forward a few hours. I had some missing time. The Bureau of Indian affairs found me near bottle hollow reservoir. Her and I was just kind of hanging out of my truck catatonic. They thought I was drunk. Did all the tests. They realized I wasn't and asked me what happened. And when I told told them they explained to me that I have been dammed by the Skin Walker. And that's the first time I'd ever heard that at but that term but it is it is basically a inter dimensional kind of shape shifter that.

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