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Just two weeks after passenger jennifer reardon was nearly sucked out of a similar southwest plane after shrapnel from an engine busted the window next to her the mother of two dying from her injuries tonight a southwest spokeswoman saying the decision to divert today's flight was made for maintenance review of one of the multiple layers of a window pane and linda janice with us live from newark airport tonight south west beginning its investigation into what caused that crash but says the window was inspected last month lindsey that's right david south west says it's too early to say what caused this window to crack with the faa is also investigating and it says this type of incident is rare happening twenty six times since boeing has been flying the seven thirty seven david thank you and there is new video just coming into night the first time it's ever been seen from after the las vegas massacre you will see and hear the moment that they stormed the hotel room on the thirty second floor images showing the moment police breach stephen paddock's hotel room fifty eight people were killed nearly five hundred wounded abc's chief national correspondent matt cup and has the video just released the new video shows the swan team clustered in the hallway outside the snipers room no sense of what they'll find when they blow down the door that deafening explosion one officer's body camera then revealing the moment he spots stephen panics own surveillance camera hidden on the service.

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