Ruth, South Dakota, Pierre Fire Department discussed on Midday's with Michael Estridge


The proof in our guaranteed ruth here's the latest weather for the here for fear area thus there is some sunshine across the area today with highs in the lower ninety says south wenzel stake acid route twenty to thirty five four tonight scattered storms a possible that could be strong as we had at 63 etiquette see a morning shower storm wednesday fathye some breaks of sun and a high that the mid80s with northwest winds had at wadi will fall the sixty wednesday night for the south dakota state lottery weather i weather center at paul proudly at today's kcci us right now set a male news on central south dakota's news leaner twelve forty kcr you're that near the cases the arteries i kevin larson the pierre fire department responded with structure fire aotearoa tourself jefferson streeter twelve verdy early this morning just after midnight purifier to volume poll of the fire was only outside of the house up on arrival there were upi while coming from fighting rear died of it that are going to work with moving dieting it in fire fighting in that area rear got hurt in the light all the all paul other 'nofire got inside of the home just white smoke ugh our able to all the way now what the all scored order the family by that was written at what the way i'll be happy the hillary already he did it all out of the fire because the fire quote you collide both of the cause of the fire was determined as improperly extinguished smoking materials backer investigation and bigger our and we note that it were there were improper already voting material in the area where guarded garbage in a fire ovechkin fighting area at work there were no injuries in the fire of the local red cross assisted with lodging from a family of five displaced by the fire fireworks but an important part of four peers fourth of july traditions for many years on this year is no exception according to fort pierre mirror gloria hanson there there are two major changes in city ordinances this year that affect the sale and discharge of fireworks any bottle rockets that are discharged in fort pierre or in the county have to be at least fourteen inches in length and that is a new change all of.

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