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Victims to come forward and share information. In burian Paul Rivera, come on news. Looks like syphilis is on the rise again for a second year in a row, northwest news radio's Ryan Harris with a warning from health officials. The case numbers for syphilis began to rise in men who have sex with men shortly after effective treatment for HIV became available, but it's been on a rapid rise among heterosexuals, especially women, as well as minority communities, drug users, homeless people, and even in jail, sand it's happening in counties across the state. Doctor Matthew golden with the University of Washington told King County's board of health that syphilis bacterial so easily treated with antibiotics, but a high cost of benzene penicillin which is now approximately $400 per dose is a problem and in some instances has discouraged community providers from providing the treatment because their compensation is less than the cost of obtaining the drug. Golden says funding for sexually transmitted infection testing clinics and treatment falls woefully short, so much more is needed than health officials say syphilis is easier and cheaper to prevent. Ryan Harris northwest news radio. And now to politics, Washington state Democratic Party chair Tina podolsky is under fire. Details now from northwest news radio's Jeff Poe's law. Axios reports podlodowski threatened to cut off campaign aid to fellow Democrats if they supported or even held a meeting with nonpartisan Secretary of State candidate Julie Anderson. Republicans were shut out in the top two primary with Anderson and Democrat Steve Hobbs advancing. Some Democrats supported Anderson over Hobbes and that didn't sit well with the party chair. But in a campaign video puddle ski seemed more concerned about a right end challenge to Hobbes. You must do everything we can to keep maga Republican writing candidate an election denier Brad Clifford from threatening the integrity and security of Washington's voting process. The complaint about pilots alleged threats comes from state representative Joe fitzgibbon, who says he felt she was prioritizing the Secretary of State's race over maintaining a majority in the legislature. The issue has caused a rift in the state

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