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Take some time to chat about? Well, I do have a story whenever concluding note, which can feel free to editing somewhere I used to play racket ball and I injured my arm white, badly my forearm, and for some reason, the muscles. Forum don't have a lot of the nation they don't heal well on their own if you injure them a certain way and I went to the doctor went to the masseuse same story as I mentioned earlier with my foot, it just didn't get better and I went to the shame in me looked at it and he said, and it's going to take some time. So I spent a month there. I mean I was doing other things but the first thing he did was give me plants as an a a topical. He rubbed them on a lot of massage. gave me a drink. So it was internal as well, and then he said, okay, here's the problem. You have a bad relationship buried in that muscle. That's why your doctors can't heal it my ken. So I am going to chant and I'm going to remove those emotions. Because it'll just come back. So he did the chanting did the massage had drank the potion? Any said now here's the problem. would. Western medicine doesn't understand is when you have a bad injury, things will come back and attack that space. So some people. When they're nervous get stomach aches or or they get pimples or they can't sleep. He says when I need to do is put a Chamonix Patch over where the wound was as no more wound enough healed it. But I'm GonNa, put a patch so it never comes back. So when you have stress or when you're injured, it doesn't start hurting again. About thirteen years ago I'm still fine. That's an explanation and approach to healing which I've never heard from any physician and frankly I've never for many other shame but you know what my arm doesn't hurt. So many interesting questions I, love interesting questions you know I just WanNa make a quick side note because I realized I didn't answer it earlier I didn't explain it. You said Liana. Earlier that is. A VINE OR A. Wooden. Climbing plant that hangs from trees selling is divine would tarzan used to swing on it's what Iowa's goes. Yeah. Quite a cross section two. Beautiful looking beautiful looking vine. Not. So delicious looks better than a tastes. And you said, you had some closing comments. Recently. I was talking to a fellow trying to get some support for fighting cove in nineteen amongst the engines. People's the Amazon act would stand for I said. Get you done. That doesn't match. The acronym said his Amazon Conservation Team you WANNA mission statement. I. Got a mission statement. The point is we're in about accomplishing the goals partnering with peoples to protect their culture and their forest and the challenges never been greater in the age of Kovac Nineteen. Point being that Western medicine doesn't have all the answers. We don't have a cure for covid nineteen. We don't have a cure for coronavirus neither do they. But what we're able to do is bring to bear western knowledge and abilities and sanitation and technology like to the new dashboard to keep track of this and try and devise the means to keep it at bay as much as possible. The Future of conservation the future of the rainforest that future of into people's in my opinion isn't about microchip of versus the medicine man, it's both of them working. Together. It's about building bridges and building alliances in coming up with a new way of doing things a new way of living our lives, a new way of stewarding nature, and it takes boundary walkers whether it's the shame who come out of the rain forest to enlighten us with their wisdom or guys like you may who've announced the rainforest learn from them or people that have feet in different worlds or people are just opened to hearing other realities. Other modalities willing to try medicines are chanting frogs lime when Western medicine wasn't able to do the trick. So whether it is black lives matter whether is it about saving the rainforest? All of these cries should feed productively into a more positive place for all of us because conservation is not just about saving the rainforest conservation is not just about saving the Indians conservation is about saving ourselves as well. Mark we talk for many many more hours I hope to be that in person me too and this has been. Just a thoroughly enjoyable conversation and I really appreciate you taking the time I. Think this gives people a lot to chew on. They can find Amazon conservation team at Amazon Team Dot Org. They can find your personal website at the Plotkin dot com link to all of those in the show notes and people can find those tim up blog such podcasts and just search plotkin PLO T. K. I n.. And in behavioral come right up where you to search. Amazon and I'm sure also pop right up. This has been a blast. I really appreciate taking the time I enjoyed it at least as much as you to Tim. Well, this'll be this'll be round one, and hopefully we'll get around to set up in person might be at a socially appropriate distance. But td on that front and so many more questions. But I'll let those sit for now and thank you once again and to everyone listening be safe keep your mind open and if you can support if you have found benefit from the plants, the compounds that were describing I feel like it is at least for me a moral imperative and quite frankly it's also an existential imperative if you are consuming these plants for the compounds themselves to support these geographies these. Who have been the stewards of this technology these means of preparation administration for hundreds and thousands of years they're an easy way to do. That is to go to Amazon team dot org and see what opportunities exist doesn't need to be a lot of money. No, there are a lot of different causes. There are a lot of different pains and a lot of uncertainty at the moment, but as you said. Conservation is sort of the fabric upon which many of these other concerns rest and it's all encompassing in some respects. So I will say, thank you mark Dr, Mark Plotkin Mark Plotkin DOT COM definitely encourage people to take a look at tales of a Shaman's apprentice as well as the Amazon subtitle what everyone needs to know. And until next time. Thanks for listening. Hey, guys this is tim again, just a few more things before you take off number one this is five bullet Friday. Do you want to get a short email from me? Would you enjoy getting a short email from every Friday that provides a little more saw fun before the weekend and five Friday's very short email where I share the coolest things I've found that have been pondering over the week that could include favorite new albums that have discovered. It could include gizmos and gadgets and all sorts of Weird Shit that somehow dug up. In the world of the Esoteric as I do, it could include favorite. 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