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And then you have the rarest of the species which i call the corner man and if you look at this from a couple of perspectives. Generally people have a lot of advisors coaches in a variety of areas. But they don't have anybody in their corner watching their backs watching everything unfold in real time taken as a totality and an example of that would be the movie rocky rocky had mickey the older guidance corner who was watching rock while he was in the ring. Slugging it out trying to survive in stake is territory. Mickey knew what to do based upon where rock was to be able to avoid catastrophe and be able to seize best opportunities to win the round and become the perennial champion. The world and couple of key words here is to see the full spectrum of the person's experience taken as a totality. Like i can be with somebody in. I can know enough about through some questions that i ask. What the composite of their personal and professional life looks like is a totality and their universe that has forces acting on it and they think in a certain way that creates its reject me. So i kinda know where this is all going to end and the question is is this where you want to or not because if it is then you just weed the garden in front of it. But it's not you need to make some course correction. So we have this presumption that whatever path is gonna take when it gets you just because we have a plan while maybe this more than that in unless somebody is looking at into talapity. The has the experience to look at it in intervene. Tighten things up then again. We're making presumption so an example of this would be. Is that if a group appears as the same problem in their giving each other there day. Sion's should we trust that way. You could at the some degree but they probably have the same problem so they're giving each other similar advice. That may not be enough advice that we need that somebody that has more experience could give us that is more predictable and being able to take more. We are to where we want to get to. And that's the value of the elder. They're not some crotchety person that says get off my lawn. It's lemme cut your path the bigger and let me save you a lot of unnecessary pain and scar tissue timmy..

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