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Karate of that bright sometimes has charged with they do look which newest cd working with the cash good at guarantees you'll pay back so many so many things people can get right now gasol weapons should be doing right upset ticked GonNa stop here is a that is a win Wednesday it is Wednesday October the Nice Nj two thousand nine hundred thirty we'll have had my perspective stainton okay don't GonNa work is we'd be back briefly shot the room with the heart of what we're GonNa do right now. CJ me I'll be locked out of the morning show page and I'll go click on my friend's page or something and comment and it'll come up to Sean Harvey Morning John I'm like Oh my God sir and she's in the airport and she's in Japan you're in Japan right girl when you come home and I'm not a ban he's that Thomas lies directly actress but you're sending.

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