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Has really gripped megan. And i think in lots of writer. And i'm not sure why entirely but i love it on on the atlantic city etc Tongue of love has always helped me for some reason I think again just knowing and having reds versus autobiography of course where he was on about point. Personally i think just means so much more when you hear those songs than you interpret them. In light of of his personal circumstances absolutely And then of course sort of moving into to human touch and him becoming a father and we have a little boy who's who's to know And we we quite a rough start as wales so he did just when he was born so kind of find during a little bit of where he was in there. You're kind of charting. I suppose your own journey. In accordance with with bruce's journey and seeing so much of yourself and on the within his songs in his life well you know living proof and longtime coming are very parental songs and You know my son is an adult but there was a he. He hit a rough spot. As many young people do and He was feeling pretty depressed. You know There is a great song That brad paisley does. That does letter to you. I don't know if you know the song. If i could write a letter to me back when i was sixteen and lyrics is all about him what he would tell his sixteen year old and that and Land of hope and dreams. You know where i talked about. You know faith will be rewarded. You know that you will. we can overcome. This has been a lot to me and my family but I can only imagine you now. Have a young son. And you'll be able to raise him. Love fleetwood mac to to love the eagles like from your mother your father. And then bruce springsteen that's you know another generation of music love that you'll be able to share with him. I know and i. I've been very fortunate in that i can. You know you just kind of fulfill that dream of of learning and taking up the piano come and my wife is like far better piano player than i but i have a number of like brisk music and When he was young. I sort of playing like little cords and stuff because the night and and things and it's starting to builder in he could be gremlin moment of i go to i'm enclave because the it'll stop all all been awesome. They influences they are already hopefully. So lee Let's hopefully. he's going to tour again in two thousand twenty two so Who do.

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