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The soft plastic bait company for the professional angler. Biz bates dot com. This segment is brought to you by Waterworks. Waterworks Boat sails at 186 60 South Sister Avenue in country Club Builds seven Await 7 98 9700 math Take down your fish and pope and meet me at the vision hole. We may not get a bite all day, but don't you rush away. What a great place to rest your bones and my refined for skipping stones. You feel fresh as a limb and name said in the shape wasn't mean to Johnson. Thank God she's great outdoor. Yes, TN Radio Am 1000 in Chicago. Good food, but a five day the dangerous true and wanted by the vision. Hold, like welcome back, everybody to trance. He's great outdoors. I hope you enjoyed today's show. I had a good time doing it with you. Oh, gosh. It's the end of the year. Cold Christmas Morning and I What can I tell you people? I'm excited. Hey, You know what? It's that time for the aid and fish and report sponsored by our friends at what works Marina, as always. Here we go, Papa. It was pretty busy this week with Christmas around here. I'm getting set up. Here s so I did not get a fishing report from my friends. So I will have one for you next week. I'm sorry. I hope Santa brings me that new fishing rod and real. I asked him for intent tent and he's got a little love. Emoji in there because I love you, Aiden. Well, I guess it's ah, not official report, but he didn't forget to do a report for us. So let's let's say thank you to Aiden for that, But we got to talk about some fishing things that are going on out here. I mean, yes, it's been cold, and we're going to see some ice and then it's gonna get warm again. Who knows what's gonna happen? But winter apartment Waukegan I have received no Any fishing reports from boats. I don't know where they're hiding. I don't know what they're doing, but I haven't received any official reports on the boats. I did get a note from my buddy Daniel O'Malley, who said they took a few steelhead and browns. A couple days ago, all on live bait by the government pier in Waukegan. Hey says everybody's kind of waiting for the nights that frees up more water so they can get out and enjoy it. But they're gonna hang back and Watches. Time goes by our but good. Our good buddy. Hey, laugh. Every time I say his name, too hot dog, Joey said him and his friend went up the Calumet River Way up to Calumet River again past 130th Street. And found perch in some pretty good size and a lot of small ones, but caught a lot of big ones, too. Hey says, you gotta keep moving around small to medium golden Roaches where the best Bates, along with larger fat heads were also good. They saw some anglers from the shore and a couple of locations around bridge. But while they were going past and they didn't see if they caught anybody, if they're there, they're probably catching a few fish. I would think Northwest Indiana. The Portage River River Walk is not seeing a whole lot of action, but my body, Tyree Williams said. He took a couple of small Cohoes and one brown shout and thought he had a pretty good day. I agree. I think you had a good day. You didn't think you had to go. You had a good day for you Got that in our fourth preserved district of Cook County right now. Our own backdoor here, Uh, skim Isis set up. We're not gonna have safe ice. Probably until we get sustained cold weather, So don't go crazy everybody, but it doesn't mean you don't have to fish, you know, But there are places these air the lakes that are gonna be open toe ice fishing. I had memorized them. Alphabetical order. Arrowhead Act said back Baloo. Big Ben Body South Body South Only not north. Okay. Bullfrog by sea main and busty south flatfoot. Green horse tail. Ida Maple Pappas. Powderhorn Saganowski Slough said Quarry camp here. Turtle head and wampum and let me give you a little secret here. Go toe fish. Busey Lake Gold by the main damn, There's a main dam and little side Damn That's always open your own. And there are Muskie's You'll catch wall. I they Sometimes I have pipe down in that area Bluegill some really good fishing from shore, but not a lot of people know about it. Well, I hope not. A lot of people know about it now. Out up on the channel leaks. My buddies from Blondie, Bassmasters said. Isis, starting the build, starting Christmas Eve. He got pretty good this morning, and some anglers. They think they're going to be seen some on the backwaters. They were testing it, but We don't test ice trance. I don't I don't test eyes either. Unless I got a big spud barn. I slam it real hard over Wren Lake. This is sponsored by your friends that run Lake area tourism. Had visit Wren Lake that calm and enjoy. Wren Lake that Cam Jason Jonah Boneyard Guide service. Trance E. It's crappie fishing yet you people up North don't believe it, but they're good size and numbers. They're sitting in between 10 and 14 ft. Around the bridge. 1 54 Gun Creek Walton Ville 25 Fish limit 10 fish. Can't be over 10 inches, But the problem is they can't find the other any less than that, he says. It's a great day to go fishing. His phone number 618. 92734326189273432 Like puck away, Derek Samuels said that he was at the edge to go ice fishing, So he lovely fish is big green for me, but he went over and checked out like puck away and said it was a lot of fun. Scharf it sure Isis best. And look Towards a Christmas dinner of wallet for himself because he caught some nice ones and tip ups dress with just middle heads. Um, he did watch a couple anglers getting blue gills and small Jiggs. Through the ice by some green weeds that they found, they said, the actual look pretty good for those English. He was impressed by that. Up in Hayward anguish or digging in shallow water ice locked up a lot of areas. They're doing well, most fish around the smaller side, but the few keepers tip up anglers. They're using £20 Island £10 mono filament with the split shot and a bright color bead. Get those fish to go away. Come over here while I suckers Shiner Minos. They're going to be a better spots, no matter what kept you target. Always go to the middle of the depth of that you're fishing in. So if you're fishing in 10 ft, go to five fishing and 20 ft. Go to 10. That's what we mean. Three lakes chain in Oneida County, Wisconsin. Samiti Ace man. Small, weedy bay area's 3 to 4 Ft. Off waters. Where you gonna be while they were active on tip ups you through a lot back, But if he kept it up, you want just front found yourself a limit of fish. Big perch for hitting big Minos hard lot of small northern, but you know what? They were fun to catch chance. Can't miss that any time you go out there Benton Harbor. A little slow right now, but the white fish off the pier and a few steelhead and ST Joe River. One of my buddies was trying that area and he said he Johnson. We just couldn't make it happen. You have to remember to listen it trance. He's great outdoors, as always on ESPN radio. Tell your friends about us taken Tunis, innit? Am.

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