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Whole family that often advises using toys with sattar sleigh lil welcome back to jails hat world next week on the show we continue our conversation with that miller about aggressive dogs and why they're really aggressive and maybe most importantly what to do about it and we'll also talk with dr heather or as the new american animal hospital association guidelines for vaccines for dogs have been released and you are the first to hear about it razer there's a word you got male you can always email your questions had had world's radio dear steve are beautiful fiveeuro german shepherd was abandoned by her previous owners she's a good dog and she couldn't be loved more however there's always a however we have a problem when we leave the house the dog has the run of the basement we put a baby gate at the top of the stairs we put a few newspapers papers down in one area in case the dog can't hold it for eight hours in the past few months she's begun to crumble up and up those newspapers no doubt reading my newspaper columns those who say that here i tell her know she does occasionally wet the papers i leave the light on the radio was plus lang we're not leaving our enough toys made the i don't know what do you think is this behavior of form of self entertainment or a bad habit well i love the fact leaving the radio on for the dog i hope it's tuned into this radio station oh gosh what's going on here well could be completely boredom that might be it so that's one possibility it could be year leaving the dog eight hours this pushing it even for a five year old german shepherd a fairly large dog is that possible some dogs do better than others but you think about it now how could you go eight hours without peddling some things you might sometimes maybe not and that could be what's going on here or of the dog could have separation anxiety so let me kinda go through each of these and now begin with the house training one first of this was the new dog reasonably new to your family so you don't no or maybe you do that the.

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