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There be listeners of their see through de- through e f g letters. Were there but the best night. The absolute best night was the christiano spring summer. Two thousand twenty two fashion show at got them all on september seventh and the guest list was just tremendous for our purposes. We had aquaria. Slater lil kim leah. Mcsweeney cristiano obviously alicia silverstone. Kristen china with busy phillips christine. Quinn an katyal. I think the people that you didn't identify leila's arc of the The mis shapes aka very much n. y. u. Two thousand seventeen. Nope very nyu two thousand and seven and cocoa roca. I think is the model who is on. Leila's arc's left anyways based group shots. I say when they added katie holmes and the megs katie. holmes wasn't available for the group shot. She was just sitting in the front row. Right key homes sandwiched between chris. Chenowitz at he silverstone was a real moment. It is really strange. Because i kind of forgot that they were still doing the that it was like everything was legit. Yeah still did. Surprise me that it was like. Oh no these were. This was real fashion. It was real. They were indoors they were doing a real show. It's real. No one had masks on. I was like oh everything that happened. This weekend was also. Don't i mean okay. We didn't get a lot of video from fashion weeks. We don't really know but like these were all photo. So maybe mascot taken off but you're right when they're all sitting there waiting. Nobody's wearing masks. Because they're getting photographed for right leg could have been taken in two thousand nineteen. If phelps street felt all very normal is what you're saying because you really see evidence of there being kind of anything but just like the standard. Here's what it is. They're they are. This is very bizarre. We're not going to try to explain it. Which is very typical fashion. We reteach selection of headlines. At just kinda give gives you an overview of who was there and who was featured. I think it's a nice kind of kind of fly through these right okay. M. hav enjoys ackhouse ladas fashion show on the front row with rosalia and troy savan. Elizabeth gillies madison bailey and errand. Westbrook sit together at mekerin. Camilla mulroney alexander. Dario and tommy dorfman lead the stars to coaches front row during new york fashion week. Halley steinfield evan. Mock and chase hudson. Hit up. Tom brown new york fashion week. Show any i mean. I know who these people are. But at the vaguely vaguely vacant haired to this photo that i'm making fun of where it's like. Katie holmes alicia silverstone busy phillips aquaria and kristen chenowitz. That's ridiculous like every preceding headline is even more ridiculous than that front row photo. I just love 'em hof enjoys. Echoes like in l. M. hav with rosalia choice of why was the rosalia. Vme's okay. i'm just like if anyone is involved with music. And is in new york. They should be at the vm. As fuck. it's a little strange all right. That's the vm. As anything else. Oh well okay. Well first of all your favorite night of the well have the year happen. It's crazy. 'cause new york was popping this week right like we argue. Everybody was in town but the rule events drew thrown away. To real heads did not come to new york in an la. You know why they said fuck new york fashion week. Fuck as fuck the met gala. I cannot miss universal studios halloween horror nights event. Okay it is a real look. It is a real. I don't know. I said event at the end. The event is not part of the name of the event. It's just. That's the the halloween horror nights at universal studios. They like put up a whole thing. It's a big to do. Celebs goats huge. Celebs love to be spooky. They love to go to this thing. I don't know why it's in september we could not hold it to lock tober. It's in la. Your weather doesn't change much. Will i usually leave it up for like two months to get the most pro. So this is just spooky season just started. I know so this. Is you know what that was an idiot. You're right so this is just the opening of it and it has to be now because the event has to be now because it's open. Yeah wow okay. That's funny because the list of people who were this event where people who weren't except for one person who wasn't at the who wasn't in new york. Travis barker hits universal studios halloween horror nights event with jessie j abigail breslin and more and the more included. All americans. Michael evans bailing john. Michael higgins jimmy. Kimmel camel camel. Jimmy kimmel jimmy. Kimmel kaelin catalysts ucla. It's like the who he is. Version of jimmy kimmel star jamie camel stingy jamie camel ceylan allen and the goldbergs. Haley orient oronte the acts kayla worthy and longtime love celestia. Estes were at the event alongside with chuck. Ladele i'm sorry it's just the names are like i'm like mispronouncing them because i'm bad at that but also because like barbara alan woods zachary. Arthur alvia alan lind and don mancini. It's like okay. This is a list of names. The description of who the people are. It's like it doesn't help or it's like oh wait. Who has done mancini and you find out. Oh he's the writer. And director of the chucky child's play series. Okay what that doesn't help me. Jared j. at least performed on the red carpet like when they were like jessie j over here. Does he day over here. She looked scared. I got to say this list of people who attended halloween. Horror nights is like the f. list version. And i'm telling you i me saying it's lower than this is hilarious is the f. version of dancing with the stars lineup. You know. I mean you're right compared to everything that was going on in new york. It really is not to call it the dregs. But it's like these people didn't get invited anywhere else and we know that if you go to the halloween horror nights opening night. You're the type of person who goes to anything you get invited to. Its reason that they didn't get invited to the stuff. That travis barker who did get invited the stuff in new york and didn't up your ease. The headliner quote unquote of the press around this event. Also not not to be crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if doesn't travis barker have kids. Yeah he writes kids. We could've brought us kids different a lot of the stuff. It's like a family thing too. I mean i'm just saying if you want some photos of jessie j acting scared in front of a step and repeat this. Is your event when you first put this photo in here. I was like when i texted. You wait what year is from. It was because of this photo because it looks quite david. She's wearing leather pants and she's wearing like a like a top. It looks like a rug. She looks a little. It looks a little twenty fourteen new york fashion week near mukalla. New york gut. Vm as la got universal studios. Hollywood horror nights you. They usually get everything we got. We got some stuff. That's a little bit. Yeah we got a little bit. I recently sent lindsey video of me playing teams and i was listening to a broadcast about go ahead. I was like wait. Look at this thing on best it screen recording of me playing thus beans and going through this thing i was like it was funny and the numbers have committed and it was like what are you doing. Onic like the podcast. You're listening to all playing buzzfeed's really bleak. I was like oh damn. I didn't know you could hear that. And it was bleak. You know what. I'm balancing it out. I was hearing the you know the tough truths about the pandemic. And i was trying to lighten my mood by playing some fun. Free to download iphone game like best teams. One of the copy points on this thing says the casual gameplay fits into your life yeah and a lot of my life is reading bad news about science and health. Best fiends rules. You can download.

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