Beavers, Pula Perry, Bellevue Drive discussed on Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross


Your bacon ater. I've got four words for you, Dave. We are not beavers Don't have even the Beavers don't need the needles. Well, who knows? But, yeah, I'm not even sure on a bacon ater. These would be good. Though that is a pretty good sandwich. Yeah, Okay. It's traffic time. Yes, and we are still dealing with the slowing on westbound of 5 12 is to try to work your way out of the pula Perry. It's getting better. But the reason why we're so slow is a truck flipped over is over on the right hand side in the ditch, and it's a very visual distraction, obviously, but we're losing Never significant time is your heading west over the Lakewood into the I five corridor. Fortunately, everywhere you go after that you will be picking up time because it is super quiet everywhere. With the exception of the rented the Bellevue Drive's still running in about a half an hour there, we still have to clean out a little bit extra volume that runs up to Newcastle. Overall. 30 minutes ever to Seattle or Bellevue, about 33 to go federal way to Seattle across the lake. We're good. No issues out of red, murderous squads. So all in all hasn't been a bad morning, sky radio. Real time traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. 43 of the Carter Subaru studio and coming up on the Gin Ursula Show, Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer is going to join the show live amid accusations of a police cover up. This is Cairo Radio will see you tomorrow morning. Does it feel like funding close and you're fit is impossible. Tired of feeling overwhelmed with options that just aren't right. Let the experts at stitch fix Do the shopping for you at Stitch fix. We make sure.

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