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It goes a little further back than that. The Mexican revolution happened pretty close to the same time of development of film cameras motion pictures and photographic cameras. And we hear from Latina film critics about what their role is in the film industry, the politics of rotten tomatoes, and what they think you should be watching is like a blessing and occurs to be labeled as a next critic because essentially you might get assignments when something like Roma comes around and cocoa comes around. But at the same time, you can also be excluded from things that are more mainstream. All this and more coming up on the USA. I'm Anthony today. He'll stay with us nothing. Russia's live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim Howard. President Trump has announced he will delay higher. US tariffs on Chinese goods as his administration continues to negotiate a trade deal with Beijing NPR's. Rob Schmitz has more President Trump announced over Twitter that he's delaying his own March first deadline citing what he called substantial progress in trade talks with China. Important structural issues. Assuming both sides continue to make progress. He said they will plan a summit with Chinese president Xi Jinping mar-a-lago to conclude an agreement. The extension will prevent the US from increasing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods from ten to twenty five percent on March second while speaking to a group of US governors at the White House, President Trump hinted he'd have very big news of the next week or two still many China watchers remained skeptical about whether the Trump administration will be able to get China to make meaningful structural changes to its economy. Rob Schmitz, NPR news, Shanghai, R and B singer. Robert Kelly is expected back in Chicago court today on ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. Monica and from member station WBZ has more this morning. The singers expected to offer his plea on the charges and find out who's overseeing his trial. Prosecutors say Kelly sexually abused for women. Three who are under seventeen at the time over the weekend. Judge set bail at a million dollars and restricted Kelly from having contact with anyone under eighteen. Gene, rumors of sexual misconduct, him dogged, the singer for several years and in two thousand eight he was acquitted of a child pornography charge that was based video today. Prosecutors say things have changed a different video more victims and Kelly's DNA evidence from at least two victims Kelly's lawyer says his client is entitled to the presumption of innocence for NPR news. I'm Monica in Chicago. Saudi Arabia has named a Princess as its next ambassador to the US has NPR's, Shannon. Vincent reports. She is the first woman to take on an envoy role for the Saudi kingdom. She assumes the role as relations between Saudi Arabia and the US have deteriorated of the killing of journalists. Jamal kashogi Princess Reema then Bandar will take over the role from Prince Alwaleed bin Salman who has been appointed Saudi Arabia's deputy defense minister, she follows in the footsteps of her father who was US ambassador from nineteen Eighty-three until two thousand five Princess Reema has worked in both the private and public sector prior to her appointment, NPR, Shannon. Vincent reporting. President Donald Trump says he's hoping his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN will build on what he called the progress of their first summit in a tweet on Sunday. Trump said that if North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons, it could be one of the great economic powers of the world. The two men are set to meet that their summit in Hanoi and Vietnam on Wednesday. Trump says North Korea has not tested any nuclear weapons in the months ahead of the summit. Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal attorney is scheduled to appear before to congressional committees. This week Cohen has already been sentenced to three years in prison for lying to congress in his earlier testimony. You're listening to NPR news. A World War One memorial in the shape of a cross is at the center of arguments to be heard before the supreme court this week. The justices will decide whether the more memorials placement on public land in Maryland roadway, violates the constitution. Opponents argue its placement is prohibited. By the first amendment's establishment clause. Supporters say the memorial has a secular purpose. And meaning a trial court said the memorial could stay, but an appellate court sided with opponents supporters argue that should the court ruled against the memorials current placement it could threaten hundreds of monuments nationwide. Israeli authorities have arrested and questioned top Muslim cleric in Jerusalem whose reopened Bosc that had been sealed off NPR's. Daniel estrin reports the cleric is no longer being detained. Israeli police. Have now released the head of the walk the religious authority overseeing Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. His office said Isreaeli police have banned him for a week from visiting a top Muslim site in the city the mosque compound. A site also revered by Jews as the Temple Mount on Friday, Muslim worshippers rushed into a large hall on the compound that's been sealed off since two thousand three at the time. Israel said the hall was used by a group affiliated with the militant HAMAs, but since Friday, Muslim authorities say they've been holding prayers in the hall despite the Israeli ban. This religious site is at the center of the Israeli Palestinian conflict in the past tensions. There have sparked violence Daniel estrin, NPR, news Jerusalem, thousands of customers are without power in western New York due to high winds. Authorities say wind gusts across parts of the state could hit seventy five miles per hour overnight and into today..

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