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And it's tough to see man united, getting that fourth position right now. And I know that's recently biased just based on what I've seen in the last few games. But if this doesn't get better for man united, you know, as bad as it's been for them at certain points this season with, you know, you know, the OGS fiasco at the end and desperately trying to hang onto him. It could get way worse for them. Yeah, you know, one thing I do love about double art is that he clearly practices radical honesty after the game. He said, we failed, quote, individually, and collectively, we showed similar problems at the team had three or four weeks ago before I arrived no papering over the cracks there, Dave, you get a 100% cracks with double R man sounds like he's been made to take over theranos and here's the worry. Reckon it doesn't look like a man who is in control. It looks more like the united Game of Thrones behind the scenes is already done him in like some kind of German Ned Stark in King's Landing watching his team just barely create a chance against Newcastle the worst defense in the Premier League in Maguire, a weeping wound rashford. Just bereft Sancho struggling Bruno for large spells looking Audrey Renaldo spending more time working the refs than his opponents, problems all over that field. I asked yesterday what has Ralph ragnit brought to united that all they hadn't other than the literation. And the only answer that made any sense came on masks at raccoons G one of those who said Chris almost. But you know the even more worrying thing rod is this is a man with a long-term contract. To go upstairs and be in charge of the next manager. Yes, I mean. Which manager wants to come to this club? If Ralph Ragnar is broken at the end of the season, you know, in charge, but not qualified for, you know, maybe not even the Europa League who comes in to go and manage this team under agne. It's just a bit of a mess. The answer again, Chris all of us. Oh my God, I love it. That.

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