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One of the more on the Easter weekends and in U. S. history or world history no doubt about it way too much candy I love Jesus in my household I'll freely admit that you think I could do something about that but I haven't but lot lots can be involved it was interesting about our Easter and I did not see this coming so as I mentioned last week my oldest son crossed into the I'm on the end zone okay well with the with the the the the Easter bunny and Santa and all that sort of stuff and we had you know a Frank conversation about it and everything like that and I and I felt kind of sad about you know because that's that's such a fun time with little kids just the the the the the level of excitement they have and everything like that I know that feel like a magician because you introduce this magic into their minds and it has the desired effect of just a joy and wonder and the rest of it and it's fine you you Philistines of believe vality allied your children they never trust you again you have no understanding of children but well I like fooling people into toying with our emotions so that's what I enjoy about it but I thought maybe at the end I thought something terrible had ended or something terrible that happened by it ending turns out my oldest was so excited about being involved in the process of packing together little plastic eggs and put my candy and they're in hiding for his brother he got so much enjoyment out of that and I just I found that very pleasing that's fabulous yeah that reminds me my two older ones with little tea was the remaining funniest in the house slash father Christmases yeah they they enjoy that because they got to be magicians to yes on the sand was more excited about that than me that then I think he was last year when he still you know kind of believe in the Easter bunny that's awesome yeah so I think we got time for this yeah we do so you might be getting money in your account all of a sudden I didn't know this was a is who is going to work the IRS announced it has begun depositing the congressionally approved relief checks into taxpayers bank accounts so I guess they just all of a sudden sharp similar to the magic of the Easter bunny I just hope you got a check from the government in there but John is excited John Oliver took on this story to a certain extent over the weekend too often people having real difficulty getting through all specialists are busy with other customers you must call back this week and hi Janet fifty times every day for two weeks for you a month away from being broke two months away I'd say about a month yeah you don't I'm curious would you try the unemployment office again absolutely I that means close the number we're sorry using extremely high volume of calls at this time with those results you might as.

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