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This <Speech_Male> is a week later. You just <Speech_Male> regenerated. Eighty percent <Speech_Male> of his pancreas said <Speech_Male> it's ninety percent always <Speech_Male> which actually <Speech_Male> he said that's normal <Speech_Male> for an eleven year old cat. <Speech_Male> What the <Speech_Male> hell did you do. So i will <Speech_Male> look used my lasers <Speech_Male> on him so <Speech_Male> needless to say that veterinarian <Speech_Male> afterwards <Speech_Male> signs all <Speech_Music_Male> over for laser therapy <Speech_Music_Male> they're doing laser therapy <Speech_Music_Male> for animals <Speech_Male> at it gets <Speech_Male> even better. It's <Speech_Male> a matter. He tells me he <Speech_Male> said. Okay the good news is he's <Speech_Male> out of the woods with <Speech_Music_Male> pancreatitis. <Speech_Male> The bad news <Speech_Male> is he's diabetic <Speech_Male> now. And he's <Speech_Male> going to need about four units <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> of insulin twice <Speech_Male> a day for the rest of his life. <Speech_Male> The double bad <Speech_Male> news is he will only about <Speech_Male> a year to two <Speech_Male> years because cats <Speech_Male> will only live about <Speech_Male> that long when they're diabetic. <Speech_Male> Because eventually <Speech_Male> the insulin is working <Speech_Male> anymore. The other <Speech_Male> bad news he said is <Speech_Male> they need human insulin. <Speech_Male> And it's expensive. <Speech_Male> You're looking at about one hundred <Speech_Male> and twenty five dollars a <Speech_Male> bottle. That's up to <Speech_Male> like close to six hundred dollars <Speech_Male> a bottle now <Speech_Male> but back in two <Speech_Male> thousand eight hundred twenty <Speech_Male> five so he said <Speech_Male> go through about two <Speech_Male> to three bottles a month. <Speech_Male> So you've got six million <Speech_Male> dollars kitty here. That's <Speech_Male> going to be expensive for you. <Speech_Male> Said you're gonna have to <Speech_Male> test his blood with <Speech_Male> his paw and <Speech_Male> give them a dose appropriate <Speech_Male> to what's going on there. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> So i'm like okay. That's fine. <Speech_Male> I'll do anything for macaque. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> what i did is i continued <Speech_Male> to delays on him. <Speech_Male> We also switched his <Speech_Male> diet like would on a human. <Speech_Male> We got rid of the process <Speech_Male> green type of food <Speech_Male> all natural <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> kind of you know <Speech_Male> carnivore <Speech_Male> diet for him and <Speech_Male> what happened is over time. <Speech_Male> He needed less and less <Speech_Male> insulin. When i would test <Speech_Male> him there were certain days. He <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> didn't need any insulin. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> And we got him down from <Speech_Male> not four units <Speech_Male> three instances to <Speech_Male> than to one <Speech_Male> two where eventually he only <Speech_Male> needed about three quarters <Speech_Male> of a unit <Speech_Male> usually once a day sometimes <Speech_Male> once every couple <Speech_Male> of days and he <Speech_Male> lived not just one or two <Speech_Male> years but an additional <Speech_Music_Male> six years <SpeakerChange> to the age <Speech_Music_Male> of seventeen so <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> yes <Speech_Male> i was <Speech_Male> my laser miracle <Speech_Male> that is the thing <Speech_Male> that says. There's no cbo <Speech_Male> yet <Speech_Male> an extra six years <Speech_Music_Male> with your pet. <SpeakerChange> I mean <Speech_Music_Male> that's just stolen <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> breaking <Speech_Female> out more about you <Speech_Female> and your work and <Speech_Male> even your training <Speech_Male> sure so they <Speech_Male> can go to <Speech_Male> my website which <Speech_Male> is laser <Speech_Male> with an s. laser <Speech_Male> chiropractic <Speech_Male> dot net. That's <Speech_Male> where they can find out more about <Speech_Male> me. I also have <Speech_Male> a youtube channel. <Speech_Male> Youtube dot <Speech_Male> com backslash <Speech_Male> kirk gear <Speech_Male> where they can steve videos <Speech_Male> on there <Speech_Male> and i have on facebook. <Speech_Male> I have a a <Speech_Male> group page for people <Speech_Male> who are interested in trying <Speech_Male> to connect with providers <Speech_Male> trying to learn about laser <Speech_Male> therapy which <Speech_Male> is just if you type <Speech_Male> in dr gares <Speech_Male> patient health and <Speech_Male> performance secrets. <Speech_Male> That's where they can go. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> also have a free <Speech_Male> download for people <Speech_Male> of also <Speech_Male> a musician. So <Speech_Male> i created a <Speech_Male>

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