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Anywhere Mohammed moves in the top ten paul and get a big fight No lost You know in the in the stock andrew dober- even though he lost that fight by night Huge fan turns mckennie now especially because he died and came back and knocked the dick die out and seven seconds then blew out his knee great story but overall good night fights men great fights. You also had the one. I saw i was that was. Pf l. friday night doesn't matter you don't need to look general either way. It was this past weekend. The big narrative there was you know the debut of clarisa shields verse brittany elkin clarisa shields off so you guys know Olympic gold medal as best women's boxer on the fucking planet by a long shot. And she's making no money she decides to come over to. Emma may start training at jackson's. We've all been waiting for a debut. I would give her debut a deep plus. It's tough because it is her first fight. She should be fighting. Girls light this but the differences. She should be fine girls of this caliber but she should be fucking starch ing them. She got beat up for most of the fight. Her grappling was awful. Awful very james toney. Her grappling was not good. You got taken down right away. The girl in this girl is not tough but she's known for being a quitter. She lost three out of her. Last whatever fis. I think your records three and seven like this is a setup. Feifer she's supposed to get her fucking you know face not dopp. She'll get a nose job for free and it just didn't happen. And then the girl in the third round kind of gas out and kind of gave up and clarisa you know was able to reverse her and kind of guess powder out a little bit for for prospects. But she clerked shields. We just expect so much out of our prospects be thinking of an pico. The of peco's debut in belt door fought a monster dude and lost so for courses shields. It is good. She overcame adversity and got the win but with her background her pedigree and all the high fon her she should be star. Ching these girls so miley take away from it is can't you be champ champ. Appear feld no doubt she touching them in nuno's in what fucking world did you watch that fight and thing she could compete with the ufc women not a chance. Any in the top ten would absolutely destroy her right now. And that's fine she. I has a lot of work to do That is fucking tough for men and that takedown offense is really tough so you know she got the win. Thank god but As a ways to go. I was put as a long ways to go. That's the way it works. you know they. At least they have a lot to work on. Going back to jackson's now but you know you didn't see anything with with stand up. You know that britney elkin. She's doing well and then she gave it up at the end there but at least least you got the win. You know so she still on track. But you know there's bell tower this weekend to If i don't guess paying attention erin. Pico is on an absolute fucking hairdo. And i told y'all he's one the it i- i referenced him to the lebron james of as far as the blue chip prospect. You know silver spoons mouth. He has all the talent. He has his every every base covered. There's no reason why he shouldn't be a champion. There's no reason. And they just threw them to the fucking wolverines dude he off the bat. He's fighting monsters so he stumbled a little bit. Went to jackson's got his mind right. And now i you know he's he's he's kind of flying under the radar if you look at. His flat fights click luncheon. You're talking about the kids on a fucking tier right now. A tear dude he So he he kicked off in the big leagues Looseness i two okay. Let's head and kreil corrals. And the last adam boards adams. Oh fuck you monster house. A flying me was goes in and then he you know i'm to go to jackson's cool story. And they gave him daniel carey. Ko punch to the body in the second round. Then get chris Summit him in the first round then they gave him john a hey seuss knocked his ass out and then they gave him eight and lee who is not an easy customer. He be shout him so he's won four in a row now four zero tallymen get on this end peco train. He's the fucking future. He looked phenomenal. Douglas lima Lost his belt Emma asaf amazon of i'm asaf is a monster guy. Absolute fucking monster. Jason jackson looked good. Always veggies and jackson good fight so but yeah and pico flying into the radar just being the sheriff people and he wants redemption so those two losses. He wants to fight them. I would love to see that right now. Go get him down. What from itchen odds update on jamal hills jamaa hall hills arm. It's dislocated than didn't break her. That's good the refs. I told you dude. So that's good. That's good news from. Yeah just location on break. That's the best news and Another five from this weekend. So apparently daming daming myers most likely to get released. Or that's his last one on this contract so we won't get recite them but then he was talking about. He would like nate the as as his last fight if possible. Not having not having yeah. That's his last night new. See i imagine what career to though. This isn't a sad story. Everyone's gets that story. And here's a message. Nate diaz leon edwards after the fight Nate told me after the fight. Don't let these mother fuckers. Tell you ain't sh tell you ain't shit name your price or they will name it for you. Oh wow i love that. Nate has far as nato business wise. He's beat the gay man. Yeah guys lost some fight and still relevant as ever. Let's jump to this because it's on that same topic.

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