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Get in a turning our attention back, towards the Texans Aaron Kovin who is the newest Texan in that secondary air Wilson had a good article today on the chronicle talking to to Aaron Kovin and one of, the storyline battles that I'm interested in for the Houston Texans during, training camp is how often do we see Aaron. Cove play outside we know he is a great nickel, corner we know, he's outstanding in the. Slot one of the best. In the NFL and he had outstanding grades of defending receivers in the slot, but how the Texans during the. Three four and. You only have two corners. On the field who are. Going to be the two corners. That are out there between Jonathan Joseph between Aaron cove. Between Kevin Johnson you can only put two of those. Guys out there in Three four some of the quotes from. Kovin today from this article from Aaron, Wilson. They talked about him playing more on the outside and Colvin's a question it's kind of past talking for me right now it's something burning inside me I can't really, explain every day I wake up every day up this year Said, truthfully I did wanna play, some outside it's about winning my one on ones it gives myself, the best chance to make a play, of course last year he was behind AJ boy a. Jacksonville was behind Jalen Ramsey who was turned into one of the best corners in the league. Right so you know. We we've wondered that question. And, and that's one of the big story lines I'm looking forward to especially when we get into, the preseason how much outside corner are we seeing Aaron Kovin play, and at the very least it seems like. He has the desire to play on the outside I would love to I, love to see that honestly I would. Love to see Aaron Coleman come out and be not just a great slot corner but also come out. And be guy that in your base defense you could. Trust to be an outside corner and for the guy on the other side of him to be Kevin Johnson John, Joseph. Is getting a little older I'd like to see him playing a little. Bit like you're snaps and kind of start phasing him out and then. You get younger in Kovin and Kevin Johnson but. If you're telling me right. Now the guys that are going to be starting just based off of name Based off of based off of. Who they are the starters are going to be Kevin. Johnson and, Jonathan Joseph just because of where Johnson. Was drafted Jonathan Joseph has been with the team forever you know what he is he's still a. Good. Corner than they've, been, with the team for for a while now and Coleman yeah they just signed him but he's, still coming in new but I could, see something where it's kind of like some that we? Talked about with KiKi Hugh t where he kind of you know becomes more a part of. The game plan as. The weeks go by this. Could, be something with Aaron Coleman where you start seeing more and more outside and then maybe you, could see a transition where it's colon and Joseph or Coleman and, Johnson whatever it is that play more outside. In the based events and you see a more different sense where they kind, of rotate all three of those guys. In and out coming up next we take a look at ESPN's NFL's best under twenty five starting lineup. We also point out some of the problems we have. With it also where do the.

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