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Not fight this fire from the air. They couldn't because the wind gusts were so strong and I talked about the mandatory evacuation. I mean, most people left, but not everybody. So we're just kind of watching it and hoping everything goes smooth office down the street. A lot of people left. You decided to stay. Yeah, I want to make sure my house Okay now he stayed and he watched and so far his house is OK. No confirmation on houses damaged or destroyed at this point. The damage assessments do take time. The size of the fire is 4000 acres, and we do have confirmation to can X that there were two firefighters in a camp crew who were injured not seriously but were injured early in the battle of this Silverado fire Here in Irvine. Reporting live Craig figure can x 10 70 news radio little more on the firefighter injuries we've heard from the chief, he's heir to hand crew members. They were critically injured. So that update from the chief fighting the Silverado far too. The six and 31 years old, both covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Critical injuries for these two. They're currently intubated the chief saying, Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers to firefighters. 26 31. Injured battling this Silverado fire and some or evacuation notices to tell you about because of the Silverado Fire. Irvine, please have issued a mandatory evacuation order for all residents from Irvine Boulevard South to Tribute Co Road and from Jeffrey Road, east of Portola High School now An Orange County officials also issued evacuation warnings for residents of Lemon Heights and Cowan Heights in the North Tustin area. Now those residents are urged to prepare to evacuate problems. Some of these evacuation centers already full here at the University Community Center in Irvine. About two dozen people and pets are in a large room separated by family groups. That table's set far apart. Issue. Cove it they can't accept too many people. I received evacuation water from my phone around 8 30. This college student is here with her mom. The sky was orange bison, and the wind was still strong, and that's when we decided to evacuate. But it took time. It took about an hour for us to pack and get everything ready. Many other evacuees just sitting in their cars outside the centre. They do have access to bathrooms, food and water. But this is not an overnight shelter, and when I asked evacuees where they're going to go, most of them said they're not yet sure. In Irvine, Emily Valdez que NEXT. 10 70 news radio. Here's the ones that still have room. Las Lomas Community Center Turtle Rock. Community Centre, the Village Church of Irvine and Newport Coast Community Center. Those replaces you can go for updated evacuation.

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