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A picture of grandma on you put it in. And then she gets picture of you and she put today but when Jesus touches the glass on the picture than her been my thing glows knowing that she's been thinking maybe because she just looked at the picture and touched it my God. Wow you're really. This is blowing my mind. I'm going to check it out. While other people are selling bobbleheads. Were selling tens of millions of dollars into the lights. Is that a shot at your allies. Johnny Bananas That comparison came from. It's up to you to put the put the dots together but that is one of two hundred one of two hundred noted so back to my other question. What was your training like now versus what it used to be like like. Do you cycle on. Do you like do some kind of training system like what is it like now versus what it was ten years ago. Yeah well we weren't as educated in like the well roundedness that we would need to be back in the day. So it's evolved. I mean you didn't use to have to run sixteen miles in the challenge. No running has definitely become a much bigger part And I used to basically do. Bodybuilding is bodybuilding s movements. Because the idea was get stronger so you could you know like move things and then and also get a bigger so you could move people and so the idea was like if you could put on twenty pounds of muscle over in the nine months that you're preparing for the challenge than you go on more prepared and then And then you wouldn't really have to worry about getting in final shape Because the finals weren't as long you could just great it out like where someone own. It's not really a runner. If they kind of got their stuff together could figure out how to run ten miles for a day when there's a quarter million dollars on the line but now we have the train so I guess that's answered your question way. I have to take running dramatically more seriously because now it doesn't matter what happens if you get to. The final doesn't matter how good a game you played. It doesn't matter how strong you are. You can't run fifty miles. That kind of explains also throwing someone like John who seems like. He'd probably be a good runner because he small aerodynamic the aerodynamic would be an interesting way to describe J. but no that that definitively has changed. I don't think that it makes the show a little bit when we're sitting around discussing who we throw it. In what order the their ability to run is one of the largest variables that we that risk we. We used to persecute rookies but now persecute marathon runners and so it's only like they're now like people that are active marathon runners on the challenge. That don't post about it so I I don't want them to know that I know but I'm not gonNA unlike these days if you run so Georgia who I disliked. She ran a marathon in between her two seasons. What SEASON ONE SEASON TWO? And She Paul about it. She's put it on instagram. I went to the entire house. And I'm like Oh interesting so you can beat us all in a final great to know you're going in as soon as possible you idiot and so now what people you're not you'RE SMART. You're not posting pictures of yourself Running at at Seattle. You don't want people that are now you think you're bad. I think that's one of the reasons Ashley has been so successful is because you look at her and you're like smash her she's GonNa win a final but she's some truth to that she's good now she's gone but let's go back. Jay For a second so completely absent through four episodes is the fact that bananas is dating Jay's Ex who cheated on Jay with the Nana's Whoa. How much was that discussed in the house? What boils down to is they. Mtv CAn't show a storyline without there being footage to talk about. And and I think that Jay Bananas had some sort of an understanding and honestly I think it was unspoken. I it was one of those they both kind of. But they just didn't talk about an interviews they didn't if it ever even was remotely broached inside it they would leave the room and so there wasn't really any footage of people talking about it so it. I think that they've chosen to kind of leave it off of the lead off the radar interesting and also. I will say the woman mortgage. She was also on dirty thirty like she. She's been on the challenge on on more the world one. Yeah sorry the world's one right It's the whole the whole thing is like I keep waiting for it to come out. It's like well. Are they talk about it particularly because Jay was targeted from the beginning? And you have to wonder like is that one of the reasons why in Bananas Defense Not that he needs defending but I know bananas well enough to know that even if he wasn't her ex acting Quick he would've gone after him anyway. He's such a Template player of go after the rookies. Go after go. After the rookies go after the smallest one and just stall that's his that's his game plan and has been forever. He's never innovated on the model Donna. Stolen from predecessors before him how do you think in? I don't know who wins the season? So a massive blindly. How do you think that Johnny could improve his game? He obviously the last few seasons hasn't done as well as he used to. And to. Your point people are very familiar with how he plays and they're also familiar with type of alliances he makes and I think a lot of women in particular no done with this. How do you think he could improve in iterative? Well Without giving him too many types of course. Yeah well he does a very bad job of actually playing the game with everyone in the house would he wants to do is sit around with three people basically like or maybe even less and he doesn't WanNa make new partnerships. He doesn't want anything to be formal. He wants everything to be very ambiguous in that joke around with you and he'll make you think he's your friend but as soon as you. WanNa Talk Game. You will find a way out of that conversation. Because he doesn't want to formally partner with anyone which gives them the ability to do anything and not be the bad guy now on the complete opposite. I WANNA make deals with three fourths of the House and I don't want my deals to be. I'M GONNA fall on a sword for you. You're my number one. That's not the deal there's new there's nuance here. I want one deal to maybe be. Hey how about we help each other for week or hey how do we help each other? Get rid of this person or whatever so I- actively working with three fourths of the House and not like a full fledged like Joe. You're my borderline married couple for the for this time. It's not bad it's just I don't know I'm there to play a game and there's thirty of them. I'M GONNA go play with them. And he wants to play with three of them and then Game Wise. Ignore the rest and part of that. I think is a sense of entitlement and stupidity to how did you guys end up forming your alliance. Then if you obviously don't like each other and has different styles. We're both really desperate for friends So what happens? Is I befriend all these like really smart young but talented people up and coming in their own rights and they after my mentor ship they grow up and get jobs and families and so they all move on with their lights. Very quickly and bananas had its with all of these losers who end up getting fired or in trouble or going to jail or whatever so he loses cast member so what happens is we need specifically but people with end the challenge in verse or in general both. Okay okay so need friends. Yeah but no. That's supposed to be half joke half truth. Johnny's not to France are banned from the challenge of Candy. But it's like such old news this point even if that is relevant now not all that relevant but then there's the other friends but it's like he has he struggles to make new new real frights. Okay who is like your best friend from the ENTIRE CHALLENGE UNIVERSE? Nehemiah really only thought about him so long he was in Austin with you. One of my companies hired him like three months ago he just moved to Kansas City and we got him a house down the street from where I live and then d. came out to visit me from Australia and about two months ago maybe a month and a half ago and when she was out here Shut down their borders. She's not allowed back so now. Da's living with Nehemiah dumpster does Nehemiah family or just the two of them together. The two of them together that's hilarious. How often are you seeing them? Guys go on social distancing walks. We go we go. I go and pick them up only go to parks and we will six feet apart from each other around like a outdoor museums and stuff. That's really funny before that Arizona. Wow Oh my God bless abated. Lock is really just the center of your world in bringing people together. Not only your friendship lamps will. This is the Beta blocks provides me the opportunity to where I can play this game as a hobby for into my adult life. And that's the problem. That's the unfortunate situation for a lot of MTV's favorite cast members is they have to. The challenge doesn't pay enough for it to be a fulltime job and MTV can sit around and say that it does all they want. It doesn't and we're not in not slinging in enough happy meals on On instagram to pay for that either. So it's not a viable option. So they have to go get real jobs and those jobs. Don't have the flexibility that is required to go film shows and so I because I built something that makes it possible to fund my life in a very flexible capacity than I get a privilege of continuing to do the challenge. Do you still enjoy it? Yeah I mean as we've already discussed on this on this phone call. It's not for the money on. It's like what is it that you enjoy is it like being sequestered. Isn't the game. Play lightning on camera. Like what is it that has brought you back so many times. And just calculate in this world. I feel like it's a little bit of all of it but the biggest one of the biggest line item is. I love the game and I think the second line item which is a which is complementary to the first is. I'm scared of regretting. Not playing it like right now. Let's say that we had to leave tomorrow for the next one which is obviously not happening. Because we're all like lockup malicious pretend for the sake of argument seeking Tennessee with my thought processes. I don't WanNa go tomorrow. I'm not ready to go tomorrow. My business can't let me leave tomorrow. If they made us go tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to go. It'd be it'd have to be one of the seasons where I took off or whatever but Why would you say if I said no? What my fear would be is in five six years. I look back on alert. Whatever whatever the next season is going to end up being a look back on it and be really mad at myself that I didn't do everything in my power to do it and I'll regret it because there are so many cast members that I stay in touch with a really mad that they may be turned down the opportunity here there or did things to burn bridge within TV and really wish that this could be a part of their life long term. And I I I don't WanNa find myself met position Interesting so like. When do you think you'll stop like when when is the time to walk way? How will you know I I don't know but it soon it's gotta be soon right like an and soon as a relative term because we're talking about an entire lifetime but It's gotta be soon. I think.

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