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On the cool five racing websites. We are company audio only at the moment on those websites and we will be live on social media as well went. Went out visual video coverage, Insein full the first race of the day, and that will be in about forty minutes time or so. My name's Donmar alongside me as ever throughout two thousand eighteen Kiko tiles, and which only by punch in this weekend. It's a busy qualifying day today. It's a busy session in this one. White is really struggling for grip how by the few who have gone down on back onto the bikes and continue in this session, it's very tricky to really feel and analyze where will the grip is in the sessions, difficult grip indeed out there because there's already been soil fall. People going down the on this as forty rookies call to session. Other one goes down every turn five on the exit right up, and I k immediately picking the bike backup, eager to get started again at the moment I, it's east Powell hound the Munson burner Samuel Munson who is topping, qualifying to so far had Charlie hundred. What. Grade. Third, fourth Ruben fits all the whole now. Eight and six place. So loud, vulgar, big names in the in the top half dozen today, Samuel months and look into wrap up this championship this week. And if he can only horn, he's name's chump shit, rival six. So far down, Charlie hunts purchased on talk. Sorry, China Huntingford fastest-selling moment. Veep and pray also popping in a fast lap woman at two point. Two full eight just point one, five, three ahead of Charlie hunting fit some uments in in their three tenths behind the is second place. Ryan, China Huntingford point four, five, three behind six tenths behind the race leader session. Nina as white Brady Finnan where it's he only Horner Ali SIMS Archie Gibbs William Harris and plate Wilson, your sand while it's running. Well, so far we've Bray really quick out now at the moment Connor. Well, as we say, Dan, this is the first session after lunch. And so the trunk is once again wet and the groups that might have been there towards the end of qualifying tools. Lunchtime is off the go. Now the rain has continued and washed away any sort of advantage that the drive is have this. What we noticed that the session when breida's were really finding the limits and lot of them running off the track, either four other pulling off all running into the grass, and it's good to see that they are now bit. We'll stay, will they are. They have found the limited. The bikes won't has just got off now at ten. Six everyone seems okay, and he's getting back onto his bike now, but it's ill Seni bake as of stale bike and get a real quick lap around the circus group EMBRAER's just on top of this session, one point, seven, three, two as actually pole position..

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