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Dot com joining us on trending today usa right so i think that felt makes a really important points i yana care what you feel i care what you do i care how it's going to work and uh that's i think what everybody's hoping the president trump can actually deliver on helping the folks of texas yeah that's exactly right i mean they're everybody's talking compares this to katrina everybody's thinking about that um so i think earnings very careful with way he responds but at the end of the day there's only so much in the american federal system of a president can do for disaster relief living yeah he can he can sit in theme on he could sit in the marines that sort of thing but at the end of the day we are all at nature's mercy on this is this you know we talk about trump derangement syndrome uh this is just another place for it to show up where they can criticize president yeltsin this beyond his control we'll josh i think i got a disagree with you here i mean i'll i think the president has done a great job was his response i don't think there's anything else he could have done but if you just look at the things he said if you look like he said outside of that texas firehouse i'll yesterday it was like he was at a campaign rally it's like he doesn't understand the gravity of the situation he's talking about how big his crowd is he's talking about how he's doing a great job and he it's like he he's trying to rally them just like you saw in phoenix the other day he's trying to it's like he's still running for president he doesn't understand twenty people have died thousands of people are looking for shelter they're looking to survive right now and millions and billions of dollars worth of houses and property are done and it's she doesn't have the empathy to understand that and what could trump of done to stop any of that there's nothing could've a decision could he of may there's nothing he could have done that if you look back at the pre this has been station and i have many many issues with what president obama did but any time there was a tragedy he had empathy he stood with.

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