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Slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran to give it a little bit of local downtown providence flavor, the adorn, the walls of every, Yup. Every guest room with portraits of bunny, the seat, the portrait's apparently didn't sit well with one person who sent a letter to the hotel's management, reminding them of the quote corruption crime fear in dishonesty in the city during CNC's rain in office, I guess, one letter was enough because the hotel removed all of the CNC portrait's that letter pointed out that CNC's legacy is not clever cute or one that we seek to champion to our visitors, of course. The pro Joe's at a to'real board was quick to jump ugly on CNC again saying that they salute the graduate for recognizing that it had made a big, boo. Boo with the CNC portrait in every room providence is history. They say is far more than just one notorious, mayor journal never missing a chance to drop an Ashbourne on CNC in life. And now in death and think it's fair to have a portrait of CNC in the hotel lobby, maybe, along with other folks, who had an impact on the city. But in every. Guest room. I mean, come on, really, who wants buddy, leering at you as you get ready to go night night. Join Ron saint-pierre. Weekday mornings five to nine for Rhode Island's news, plus traffic and weather together on the tents on NewsRadio nine twenty and one zero four seven FM. Well, here's C N N, worried about me Rush Limbaugh has leaders who actually not seen the leadership from these commentators. Maybe they're concerned that they don't know where their audience stands on this issue. One thing if you forget, everything I say, remember this. I always know we're my audience. He.

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