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The sentence it's three to thirty five years based on good behavior i signed it because there was i was caught redhanded and he told me that now believe this there was a guy there was two guys that were i guess you could say business associates with me that were supposed to have been close friends on me with me they turn state against me because they were looking at them to charge them and they were going to testify interesting court to save their own asked what do you do next okay so i signed it i signed the plea agreement three to thirty five so i signed that come in the county jail for eleven months and then i get shipped to prison the penitentiary they shipped me to a level five at first because of my my charges and what i had i was supposed to go to a level one prison like a road can't ideal but because i had a fugitive warrant and another state it made me a high risk inmate so that that that's through my level all the way up to a five at first i went to a level five risen where you're lockdown twenty three hours a day if you ever get a chance there's hbo special called red onion penitentiary and it's based in virginia and it's the pre mimics the prison i was at his right next door to the prison i was at and it shows you everything about minority being locked on everything so from there i was actually worked out with the council they were able to drop my points and i still had to go to a high level three or four in the mountains of jinya what kind of people are in that what are the other inmates like gangs.

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