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I think every vocalist probably has a very unique blend of what they're going after in how they have created their own sound and you mentioned kerry and faith hill. Carrie underwood faith hill. Who are some of your other musical influences. And what people expect to hear from you lyrically instrumentally and kind of your vied sure so i would have lake them vocally but as a writer. I'm very dark. Like god and country really was dark. I mean that was my christian song. But i have some dark stuff coming out like a johnny cash. Kind of lake kneeling has a little immune. It's of scary not scary. But it's one new stone is called ride on. And it's just got kind of a cynical feel and and i would think johnny cash with some if miranda was like colleague that something like that so like deep dark and a little bit salty. 'cause that's kind of what i think. Like a little feisty. I feel like marina lambert's just kind of salty in feisty. I love i love. I love everybody songs. Let's be real johnny cash man. I just like shoes highlight issues that like as a songwriter singer and songwriter. So it's like sometimes you battle the to do. I read this for me or somebody else so own but this is kind of natural state. I guess i grew up with led zeppelin. You know. I mean all these rob people. So i have a little bit of that too. Yeah you seem pretty cool lake in the video. That i just watch as like. She's she's cool. She's looks like someone. Cool that i would like to hang out with on the front porch drinking a beer tea or something. Ninjas led her beer well then yeah come over. Let's make this happen. I think that's a good point where We we take a quick commercial break. I've loved this conversation so far jenny. Learning about your background and the creation of this very unique intentional song. So we're going to pick things up in a few minutes and we'll be talking about all things christmas so we'll be switching gears listeners. If you'd like to connect with ginny miller on social media you can search her and find her on any social media platform at jenny. Lee miller or on her website. Jonny lee miller dot com and that's j. e. n. n. y. l. e. I g. h. Miller m. i l. e. r. And if you missed that no worries just pop over to our website when this goes live and you'll find all this information in the show notes we will be right back after this quick commercial.

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