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And it has an opportunity if you look at the events weather forecast is opportunity really cold in Arrowhead stadium on Sunday. Where temperatures are going to be ten degrees can actually be. Below zero potentially on Sunday for that game in the AFC championship game. What are you looking for Billy? When you look at this matchup chiefs and patriots New England, and what they represent a Kansas City, and what they've done here for Andy Reid, and what is going to be a turning point. What does the Saudi factor this matchup? Yeah. I think when you get to this point of the season. I mean, obviously, the everybody's focus is usually on the on the quarterbacks and the offense the head coach is to is to a certain degree. But I think you made a great point. I think the elements are going to be a big factor in this game. And I'm with I think it'd defense is gonna it's gonna come down to who plays better defense. And if you just step back in if you're if you're picking the Team New England or Kansas City to play great defense on Sunday. I think most people say New England has a better chance to be strong and show up on defense. So that's where that's where I see the difference. Right now England is much. Much much stronger on defense in Kansas City. I'm still not sold on Kansas City's defense hanging in there for the duration. It'd be tough to argue with that Billy. So if we shift gears to the NFC, somebody take man are we going to see a shootout in the wall is to Sunday what the Rams tough dome to play those saints man that is and that place was crazy the other day, and they'll they'll ramp it up again, there's there's no question that and that crowd is a factor guys. It really is when you're on offense the offensive line for the visiting team. He's got a real real disadvantage when in that environment. And again, I I always step back and say, I I look at us two quarterbacks, right? How do you ever? How do you ever go against brief pick against breeze is capable and that offense offenses capable with Rodney tax attack as balances they are putting up great great numbers. But again, the scope is you know, he's been a little bit shakey the last night. Month in December. It's gonna I think it has a chance to be a great, great bow. But here's what I say. I think the saints are they don't get enough credit and paid and doesn't get enough credit for being kind of a gritty team. They can run the hell out of the ball. Now. I know this they're they're one of the toughest hardest working teams during the week. They their practices are extremely extremely physical. They pride themselves on being being able to run the ball and pound the ball. And obviously the Rams are loaded at running back. Also. So I know we're everybody's kind of expecting this wild ass. Shootout and told the ball all over the place. I see too great great running teams that are going to put on a show on Sunday. Billy. It's interesting because I was kinda thinking the same thing when I looked at the match up is it's almost like now with the rankings injury for New Orleans, and that's a huge loss with the tortoise Gillies. It was a study interior linemen coming out of Louisville for the last three years and you look at the trying to protect the back end of that secondary. Aside from Toledo the rest of the guys in that secondary for the Rams have struggled and without Kerber Cup that offense for the Rams is not look the same. In almost seems to be two teams that really want to try and play keep away with the football emphasize the ground game. And we saw that with the Rams against the Cowboys were clearly they're all offensive line dictated won the battle upfront. And that was the biggest determining factor that game. No doubt. It's great great great points. And just go back while we were talking about a minute ago with that with that crowd. There's no doubt being a factor. It's a heck of a lot easier for those offensive lineman to run walk in that environment than it is to get off the ball against the against a really good pass rushing teams. So I think you're spot on. And I think that's exactly what the what the Rams were thinking. We wanted to go back. We want to go out established a run control the line of scrimmage and town had the war Orleans, and then the process keeping. One of the great hall of fame quarterback drew Brees on the sideline as much as possible. So Bill talked about an NFC team that's out next to eagle. So I wanna get your opinion man on the quarterback spot. Which would they do man. That's a tough one. We were just talking about that last night here at the hotel that is you know, what I'm probably guessing the minority. I find a way to try to keep polls. Whatever whatever you have to do to keep them might when when Carson Wentz was coming out. I absolutely loved him thought. He was the best player in the draft had all the physical skills to is one thing that always kind of bothered me about him was store ability. There's a reason this guy was at North Dakota state. He was hurt his senior year in high school. He was not heavily recruited. He was hardly recruited at all. Nobody knew who he was. He didn't he didn't play his his last year at North Dakota state. He was heard twice and he was like the Spurs might have been the first game of the season. At a high ankle sprain. In this time that he was hurt later industry. And you know, there's been questions now since he's been Philadelphia. Now, they're all there are legitimate injuries. This guy's just tough is anybody. But I know in in Howie Roseman, the general manager at Philadelphia, he's gotta be he's gotta be holding his breath said if we kill polls, and we're going full bore with wins. I I hope he makes it through the season. That's the only that's only knock on Wednesday at this point is career and windows now Philadelphia. I mean, if they gotta they gotta take shot next year. It's not that young team. They they have to go forward. And I think their best to go for is try to keep foles. You you have Carson Carson Wentz on his rookie contract. So it's not like you're trying to keep to really high price quarterbacks on your roster. You can afford you can afford to. Hey polls more than what way more than what a normal number two would be. And you're still be able to live with it. So I don't know that they're they're in a tough spot. I really tough spot. Guys, did a great spot is full absolutely as an awesome spot. So and and she got gotta root for it's nice to see somebody have that kind of success in handle things. Like, I mean, he's handled things like a champ humble guy. Very humble, really great great guy. We're talking to former ram Shehab Billy Devaney currently with the allies for American football the Atlanta legends. We'll get to the af here momentarily, Billy what did a pick your brain. Because now, I it's interesting when you look at guys that fall through the cracks, right? We're discussing momentarily the Rams ground game. Because my wife asked me this question, we're watching it and watching C J Anderson run it all up and down the field, and I explained well, this is the fourth team. He's been on this year. He started the year with Denver was with Carolina got cut by them with Oakland got cut by them. And then got picked up by the Los Angeles Rams after the girly knee injury explained. When you watch a guy like Anderson who clearly could run it amaz-. Clearly, we saw that in Denver that he can run it. How does a guy like that fall through the cracks here? Billy because we we see a lot of teams in the National Football League could use a guy like C, J Anderson, and there it was at the end of the season available for everyone to be had. Exactly it it. It is amazing. And you see you see it. I don't wanna say often, but time and time again, those kind of stories I think it's a classic case being in the right place at the right time. He's a good runner. He's really is elite broader, no, he's he's a solid NFL player. And I tell these kids we on down here with the alliance league. And part part of our sell to them is there's a lot of guys walking the street that have ability. But for whatever reason this scheme might not be great where the team is. They may be throwing team committed to throwing the ball over the field, and you keep to top tier running backs oftentimes things happen out of your control. And it's just not the right fit. You the other thing is who. Who knows maybe all of a sudden the light has come on? And I'm not talking about CJ. I'm talking about people in general all of a sudden like, wow, I better get my act together. This career is not going away. I thought maybe I maybe I need to work a little harder at my craft. Maybe I need to pay a little bit more attention and apply myself a little bit more. I I'm having a hard time finding a landing spot. There's a lot of factors. Why players don't stick in one place move on and finally settle into a scheme or team where they're comfortable? And and and the light comes on. I think that's a great example with C, J Anderson. So Billy speaking of you, just you down to land. So how's everything going with the and the Atlanta legends? I mean, you know, I know it's it's just so brand new and everything so talk about what's going on. But you guys, and I'm sure you're excited about the team. Oh, man. It is we're having a blast. And you're right. It's brand new every day every day. It's a new day, and as you can imagine with a start up. We're not just starting up a new franchise. It's a it's a whole new lake. So every day, there's some there's a new challenge and something else pops up, but it is awesome. I equated I go way back. I was part of the Washington Redskins when we put that strike team together the year we won the Super Bowl not. So unlike that eighty seven here. Yeah. Exactly, right. You've got guys here that basically, no man, I've got one more chance to try to get my foot back in the door, and the NFL I can't screw this up. So they were getting their best shot on and off the field. They've been I mean, they are we've got seventy five guys here. In training camp. And it's been a joy to be around these guys because they know they're they're trying and their hunger extremely hungry. And it's just the coach has been tremendous. This guy. Charlie Ebersol is the guy that's kind of orchestrated this alliance place co founder and pull this thing off in the amount of time that he did we're we're actually down in San Antonio. There's eight teams in the alliance league and all eight teams are training in the San Antonio area. All at different feels around San Antonio. And like when I presented that I said holy Christ. I know how hard it is for to have a training camp, which one team everything in have eight teams. It's one tenth of one town. Yeah. One in one town is amazing how they pull this off. It's been a blast Billy. I wanna ask you about that skins eighty-seven team here. What do you think for the you've been around football and pro football for a long time the greatest challenge the af has initially upon startup? Oh, man. That's a great question. The greatest challenge. Really to get. Find the time to pressure of time 'cause you guys have really no time to get rolling. Right. I mean, dude, we're kicking off in about twenty twenty five days. As a way to grab the attention, the NFL to grab the attention the football fan, Billy. What what do you need to see his league early? Oh, I think right out of the gate guys. We we've got to be competitive, and we gotta we gotta score. It's gotta be exciting football. I mean, I think our worst fears. We've got a bunch of nine seven games on opening opening weekend. You know, they get people like offense where we're at. I mean, that's just that's just the reality of things. And I think that is the challenge now, especially for the coaches, you can imagine they're tempted to empty the playbook, but initially the times we kind of taking a step back and say shoot if we're lucky if we get five or ten percent of the playbook installed initially we can build as we go on. So I think that's the greatest challenge right now is to get players up to speed on on what we're doing defensively takes care of itself. I mean, that's a reacting deal does not as there's teaching involved. But you just go. You go out and play offense. There's way more technical aspects of where there's a lot more teaching and where you're thinking about things where I've been reacting. So that's that's the greatest challenge. And then just getting all eight teams competitive and the other thing that we don't want. We don't want one one franchise start out Owen four own five because whatever market that in the hope it's not Atlanta, you're dead in the water. They're not gonna be any support. So you're hoping to come out and try to win some games show people in in your market that this is really good competitive football and kids are playing their butts off trying to get back into the NFL. Well, surly going to be interesting to watch Billy. I I grew up a skins fan. So I had to ask you about that eighty seven because if you go back to that strike season your organization that you worked for at that stage. They embraced putting a quality team on the field. Where a lot of teams did. I mean it hurt the giants. Parcels on the giants didn't. And then when the regular players came back. They so talk a little bit about Gibbs that skins team eighty seven and what you guys did as an organization during that strike year. Yeah. You're exactly right. And there's a lot of really good things about Joe Gibbs the one that best part..

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