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Be the starting quarterback when Pittsburg opens their season on Sunday against a reigning AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals. And Dan schwarzman let your Bloomberg world sports op thing. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Looking at the possibility of some headwinds for this Wednesday session across Asia and it would be down to U.S. equities having another move to the downside, S&P 500. Managing a loss by the end of its trading day as did indeed other benchmarks there in New York as be down for ten to 1% by the end of the session. We've got futures with benchmarks in turkey, sitting in Hong Kong also moving to the downside. Meanwhile, listed Chinese companies could also see a bit of a hit as well there ADRs in New York facing their worst drop since mid July. Partly down to bond markets finding themselves under pressure and this wasn't really helped that much with companies including Walmart and McDonald's rushing to sell corporate bonds and flood of supply sending treasury yields higher with yields on the other ten year now at 3.34% could also tell you that there is so the 30 year yield go up to the highest level that we've seen since 2014 there. Looking at FX markets, dollar spot index, a girl is spot index at least rising to another record. The yen choking up its biggest one day plunge in a month we have the ghost the treasury market partly responsible care. We've got the greenback though gaining against almost all of its major developed market counterparts. Traders bracing for recession jobs also being witnessed by this withdrawal outflows from global equity funds which reached $9.4 billion in the week to the end of August. On the day to side, we've got growth numbers from Australia and slew of trade numbers from China and we've also got Canada since it had become the G ten country that is hiked interest rates by the most this year expecting by the economists we've been polling to add another 75 basis points taking the benchmark there to 3.25%. So we do check markets every 15 minutes. And Brian, what are we looking at? Well, let's take a closer look

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