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Warning Providence journal reports protected resident got a call from a woman using the name of Providence police major David Levitan scammer told the woman there was a warrant for her arrest instructor to wire money to a Walgreens real major lab and says he's not sure of the news cameras in response to a warning issued earlier in the week about a virtual kidnapping scam Toby Street on ramp to route six west in Providence being permanently closed on Tuesday right I will establish a detour says it does not expect significant delays or congestion new bridge of rabble be built over the next two years as part of the six ten interchange project Providence St represent of Anastasia Williams reportedly used a racial slur on the house floor in response to another state representative who allegedly assaulted her she did not name the person it happened last night during debate about the minimum wage house speaker Nicholas Maddie ello urge the person who made the comments to apologize to Williams sports college hockey Providence verses Vermont seven oh five on newsradio one oh four seven FM get news twenty four seven on demand at news radio all right dot com charges against a former top official I'm rich Denison fox news the justice department today announcing it ending its criminal investigation into former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe became will not face charges of lying to investigators about immediately concerning the Clinton foundation two years after the department launched an investigation president trump had urged the justice department to take action against McCabe as he accused him another FBI officials of illegally targeting his campaign by opening an investigation into alleged collusion with Russia the decision comes a day after Attorney General William Barr told ABC news the justice department acted independently when it reverses sentencing recommendation for the presence longtime associate Roger stone boxes Rachel Sutherland in Washington prosecutors completing their closing arguments today and Harvey Weinstein's rape trial he's charged with two sexual assault in New York he faces a possible life sentence if the jury returned guilty verdicts guilty verdicts against up high profile attorney accused of extortion a New York jury found Michael of ninety guilty on all three charges transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort attempted extortion and wire fraud his attorney Howard sprint X. spoke briefly outside of.

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