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That right? Yeah. Frisky. Dog can have. I think it's three or four different breeds in one litter cats can do that. I didn't. That had like one Siamese one, orange like three tabbies one black and white. Yeah. Is this breeding season? I see there's a lot of adoptions around. Yes. Kitten season. There's the shelters are breeding season, but, I mean, you know, kitten season, they are at max capacity with kittens now you did something cool over the weekend. Didn't you donate? The OC animal shelter in Tustin when those shit sues were it wasn't a hoarding situation. It was a puppy mill situation. They were taken to this OC animal care. So they were asking for food and blankets, and we'll not blankets. I guess, little blankets because sometimes people bridge comforters towels. So we Juliane John, I took a bunch of stuff, took some food and stuff. And it just it would they were like so much stuff in the lobby. And then it turns out people donated so much food they asked him to stop. That's good for the moment. Right. And then they were giving to other shelters. That's crazy. Well, if, if you wanna dog man, there, they shelters are filled to the Brits. So sad, try to buzz out there this weekend and all those shit sues one hundred forty dogs really or they'll puppies or any 'em puppies. I'm not sure the ages, but they'll go pretty quick, and it looked like some of the other big dogs that are in there. It just breaks your heart. John was like he goes, I can't do this in, like, had to walk out. It was every one of those animal shelters, whether it's a private one or county one, they all smell, the same every one of them and you walk in there. It's stunning when you walk in, but then you sort of get used to it. They keep it very clean. They're constantly going through does a lot of people are walking through your shirt over there knows, which is a placebo. Just smell in your own. It's just so sad relied on KFI Dory. Next bluecross blueshield believe everyone should have access to healthcare, no matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training..

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