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It's a Boston Celtic, I don't care if it's a clipper. No. You don't wish injury on anybody on any of these players. That's just these are real people guys. Yeah, that's just to me that's just a line that you don't cross. And then but then from there, as far as as the other piece which Schroeder has been the better option, when you add in contracts, sure, like 6 million for shorter versus 44 for Russ. Okay. But I also understand why the Lakers did what they did in making the move. It just hasn't quite worked out the way they hoped it would. I don't know if I want to say this out loud, but I think that's probably true. Okay. Well, well, look at it. Okay, I get it, and this feels so gross saying it. But defensively, who would you take right now? Schroeder or Russ? I'll be honest, I haven't watched a lot of shooters defense this season. I'm sure Celtics fans would tell me a little bit more. But you've seen a lot of Russ. I've seen a lot of Ross. I mean, based on what we saw from shooter last season, at least he's more of kind of a high effort guy on the defensive end, even if the efficiency isn't always there. So defensively, I think you probably give the nod to Schurter. He's a little bit more willing to sell out. Although, you know what? Russ is a force on the defensive glass. Russ helps you out quite a bit there, especially when the Lakers are playing small. Yeah. Right. I mean, the fact that you're debating it says something. But I don't think it's like an easy, definitely Dennis Schroeder. Spot. No, I think the contract part is really, because if you're told me I can get shooter for 6 mil, then I consider this a lot more. But if you told me that we were supposed to reassign them for the number he was asking for, absolutely not. Right. Yeah..

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