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Miami Party in the middle of a Miami Party unlike any party. QB hissing hissing with rape like his sing with rain. But we will get to Stu gods and the happy portions of the Super Bowl in the the second and You know the car battery. It's a little ridiculous for me to be hissing with rage when there's a car battery in the studio giant car badly in but my grind would I wanna ask you okay as a whole bunch of people at this network played defense against our ability to do a show. I WANNA ask you. Don't leave Sir. Please don't leave. Stay stay in there. Don't leave all right because I'm GonNa send you the penalty box. I want all the executives out of here. That's one of the the useful ones I I I want them. All out of here. I I would we do that yet. We need that guy I want him and the other one back there. NO NO NO NO I. I want want the penalty box. I want to ask you first of all. Is the penalty box functioning. Can we put someone in. They'RE GONNA have to get back to you on that one RA. I would like The executives leave the room. I want them out of here and I WANNA put him on the Max penalty box scrammed scandal. Thank you I cannot tell you how angry I am about. What a bleep show? ESPN has brought down. Here what a cluster bleep leap that has played active defense against our ability to do anything. Our show was bleep yesterday. Because we couldn't get the timing issues right at the timing show and nothing about about the audio was functioning in a way that would allow us to do well here. It was Interesting feedback though. Because you say was bleep and many people say it was doubly but that on the poll was yesterday show bleep or doubly. Okay but I am. I'm not joking about this and we'll go to STU gods and billion a second. They will provide the sunshine for. Perhaps we should shift gears to the Super Bowl shift. You said right because I've been very close to say in something that doesn't have an F. in the middle of it I am really like I'm I'm not even joking these people who have overrun the place thinking they run our home and have actively gotten in the way of everything thing we're doing around here. It's infuriating infuriating. The shows definitely been struggling to get traction. That's for sure. And then we sell out over there. We sell out in the most obvious way possible by having a corporate sponsor that we love a corporate sponsor putting a battery in here instead of on radio row where it should be causing chaos out there breaks pump the brakes. That's a security concern. Yeah you can't get through security radio row. He's a battery. We can't get sound on radio row. I think I think I have got it fixed now. I think so guys say hello guys. They're happy because they're in the middle. All of the they are paid in shift. I feel like we're like parade announcers feels like over here at Dan no offence. You're raining on on our parade. You really are because things are picking up here man a nice talk with Ron Rivera. This sporting remote Ron I would through a wall for that guy I mean Emmett Smith just passed me by. I heard it Ju. It's used their eighties. All out radio rows. If you guys don't know let's let's just backtrack for a second okay. Because because I am not kidding you when I tell you that I am as angry as I've been no when we're on the air around here because of everything that's happening here. We start the week with an impossible situation to try and do our ridiculous show. which is Kobe Bryant? Dies and it's just all of us our morning. We go from that to trying to get back to some not knowing when that fog supposed to lift how you're supposed to do it. That's also a fine for you. Believe you just blamed Kobe Bryant. No in his. I'm not blaming.

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