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The holidays may have a problem american has a pilot problem that could lead to the cancellation of thousands of flights kyw tim hermanez live from philly international with the story tim albright in american airlines says there was a scheduling glitch too many pilots were given off during the holidays basically pilot requested off just got it american which is the largest airline had phil says is trying to avoid cancer relations and that's offering pilots time and a half to come in on those days but the union the allied pilots association says not so fast spokesman spokesman captain denis pager says they need to work out some kind of deal we're going to have to get creative and figuring out how we get those over fifteen thousand flights man with the capital first off here the union is saying 15000 flights could be affected but the airline did not give an official number reporting live from philly international tim jimenez kyw news radio kyw news time 534 in washington republicans now another step closer to passing their tax plan to the senate foreign along party lines yesterday to begin formal debate setting up a possible vote by the end of the week now republicans can only afford to lose two votes if they want to score this legislative victory and send the measure to the president by christmas with the dow closing it yet another record high the president says the time for tax reform has arrived look what's happening with our markets people get it senate leader seem to wrap up to paid and pass their version of the package this week in missouri mr trump said he doesn't want to wait any longer i would say to it now we're ready leaders continue twisting arms to secure fifty votes for passage even as democrats argue the package will grow the debt and raise taxes for many in the middle class steven portnoy cbs news the white house combo philadelphia neighborhood comes together to remember a homeless man who was beaten to death on their streets kyw justin noodle reports police are still looking for the people responsible for his death fiftysevenyearold kevin colin died sunday after police 85 teenagers ruthlessly pummel him on lauren look streets in the may first section of northeast philadelphia and i wish there was more that could have been done grand said it something like this never wouldn't even happened talent on wednesday evening a few dozen friends neighbours and family including kevin's niece kaitlan gathered at.

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