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Oh, yeah, baby coming in hotter than stock at Gamestop. It is the Vince Quit show. We're back bay. They God, what a night. What a night to be in because you get a trade just a massive monster deal here, where Matthew Stafford is shipped over to the Rams. And man, this happened quick. You see, Dan Campbell comes out head coach the Lions. He's got a quote in an article. He's like, Yeah, the talks are hot and heavy, and it's like what Dan Campbell I have no idea what that really means The guys accountable, but You know, it was hot. It was heavy. So we got this big deal. There's a lot to dissect there. We'll figure out what Dodge Coin is. Maybe we'll just get all the current events in. Here's a fun one for yourself. Oh, this is this is fun. I had my first bris this week. It wasn't for me. It wasn't for me. It's a good thing that it wasn't for you. It wasn't for me. You'd be a little late for me, but I I attended a brisk for the first time. Kind of, you know, now, there might be some listeners out there that don't know what that is. Yes, Google it, But don't do an image search could explain on the air what it is. We'll talk about it. We'll get we'll get their way. Got four little delicate When you explain what that is, You gotta be delicate with the whole thing in general. That's true. Well, maybe it's not so delicate. Um, well, that no, that's delicate. That's why I was horrified. It was It was a trick. Matic experience. Imagine having that done to you at the advanced age. No, I don't know if you do they do that. Does that happen? I don't know. This is over to start the show. Let let us know if you are an adult that has gone through a bris. I don't think they do this. But if you've converted at an older age do they do a bris for an older person. 8552 would 24227. We're off to a great start. Really? Don't wanna think about that. No pictures, please s Oh, let's do this. Is, But let's talk about the deal here right because there's so many different things. When you're talking about quarterbacks getting traded like this. There's so many different elements to these deals to get into for each team. What it means for the league. There's the dish on Watson element, of course. And what does this mean for him? What does his value look like? So? So let's start going through all of the big, confusing, crazy mess that is Matthew Stafford getting swamped. For Jared Golf, and And Here's the first thing that I really take away from this. Is This is a hell of an indictment on Jared Golf. Okay, This is a bad look. Because you have to think of the circumstances around this and for a franchise to give up on a quarterback that's younger. That has gotten them to a Super Bowl. But they did give a big contract to recently. For them to give away this guy and for the way that they did it. Because you look at the package and you might say, Well, Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff. Okay, uh, Stafford's probably better than golf. I don't know if if that's such a great deal, but I want to get rid of that. Jared got fine, but but here's the thing. It's not just Matthew Stafford For Jared Goff. There's a third round pick this year. There's a first round pick from the Rams next year. There's a first round pick from the Rams the year after that. Because the Rams live in some world were first round picks are not valuable or useful or something they're interested in. So they said, Yeah, you know, this is the Dodge Coin. There we go. See, now we're really working it in this the Dodge coin of draft stock, and we're gonna move it. And and that's the thing the Rams had to add all of these draft picks in to get rid of Jared Guff. It's not just throwing all of this in to get Stafford. It's not that Stafford is so overwhelmingly good that he's worth a third end two first round picks, but Jared Goff with his contract is somebody that is not all that valuable. And so you're not just paying for Stafford, your paying the lions to take Jared Goff off of your hands. Which doesn't happen often. We don't see these kinds of deals, especially quarterback in the NFL. The last time this happened was what Brock Osweiler, which not exactly success story, so Looking at Jared Goff here for the Rams to do that. Here's the thing. That guy you think about this. Jared Goff just a couple of weeks ago wasn't like three weeks ago. He wanna play off game against the Seattle Seahawks with a broken thumb. He wasn't even did surgery on it. He wasn't supposed to use the backup in that game. He came in because the backup got hurt in the first couple of plays John Woolford. And God comes in, and he's not supposed to play. But he beat Seattle. They went 30 to 20. It's a nice story. You know, it's it's a big game. It's a big win. So that guy Just a couple of weeks later, they're paying another team to take him off of their hands. So that's a massive indictment. You've also got just the idea that organizations don't like giving up on quarterbacks, even when they're not great. Her cousins was getting towards the end of his deal. Grazed her cousins, right? Is he? Is he an amazing quarterback? Is he? Somebody could move on from? Absolutely you could totally move on from Kirk cousins. Well, Vikings didn't move on from Kirk Cousins. They decided to keep that guy because even if he's not amazing if you're letting a decent quarterback go, you don't always believe that you're gonna be able replace that. But the Rams were like, Yeah, Let's let's just give up everything. Just give up a bunch of stuff. And let's go and get Matthew Stafford. So for Shawn McVeigh, the guy who, you know, offensive mastermind or not, however, you wanna look at him. I think he's a pretty damn good coach. You look at Sean McVeigh and for him to look at golf and the guy that he's been paired with. It's his first head coaching gig. This the first quarterback. He's with its of marriage, right? Oh, what a lovely marriage and then it falls apart pretty quickly, and now he's out of town. That's an indictment. Right, so looking at the value of Jared Goff, and here's the interesting thing it It just seems to confirm what everybody's really felt about Jared Goff, Sometimes there's There's conversations that we have his fans right for people who've watched the game followed the game obsess about the game. And the way we talk about it and look at it is going to be different. Sometimes, then the league than insiders, you know they value the player differently, for whatever reason, they but they might. There might be a disconnect between what we see on the outside of what people see within the lake. This was a pretty strong indictment that we're all on the same page here. Jared Goff. Just isn't that good? And here's the other thing that we'll get to this more a little bit later, but Don't see him getting any better in Detroit. So if your Lions fan and by the way, if you're lions ban a Rams fan like especially it, I'll take calls from anybody If you want to get in to talk about this, But I would love to hear from some lions and Rams fans about this. I mean, how do you feel about these moves? 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 to tie joins show 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 because again the number one thing I've got from this is it's an indictment on Jared Guff, and part of it is, It's not that McVeigh. It's not just that McVeigh's giving up on him that they're doing it as the contract is kicking in that they're paying things. Get rid of him. But also Jared Goff is what the problem is really? And it's weird that it worked out this way. But the problem was the Super Bowl. Jared Goff getting to the Super Bowl and getting crushed the way he did. I mean, how bad was that Super Bowl? Right. That was That was the first time in my life like there's been games where it's been a blowout, and it hasn't been super entertaining. But you had moments and as the score is getting run up like the Seahawks dominated the Broncos like eight years ago, and that was fun for a half. That Super Bowl was awful, and part of it was golf was just shaky. He's up and down. You don't know exactly what you're going to get for a guy that's supposed to be the system quarterback. You want stability. You want consistency. You want reliability. When this guy's going to start you want to go?.

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