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God do they need it with Kane deli. We went through all that earlier should be very interesting. Chelsea maybe felt a little bit hard done to have lost that first leg. I still think that everything was legit. And that the call and the var- all work the way that it was supposed to, but it was very close if Murchio sorry, I guess we'll find out about this Chelsea team. Because now they're thrown right into the fire in a big match in the semi final against a rival. If saris words got through to them, then I would expect Chelsea to go out. And and. Beat Tottenham side that are a little bit wounded right now, if they did not Spurs go through it should be very interesting. I would say to anybody who's Chelsea fan to read gab Marcatti on Chelsea Kante and Georgina that whole positional thing on sorry on ESPN NFC. It's really good. Yeah. And then COPA. Del Rey quarterfinals first legs. A few of the marquee ones. Wednesday three thirty. This is a great quarterfinal matchup with the way things have been going this season severe and Barcelona although severe loss of the weekend to Real Madrid. That is still really tasty toy. Yeah. Thursday at one thirty Espanol and rail Matisse and that same day at three thirty rail Madrid and Girona we will be back on Thursday to recap the some of those matches and to look ahead to an FA Cup weekend. And do a rap battle because it's been demand. I wanted to talk to you about boy. Well, no, I'm not dodging it. But I do think that we need to reformat it. How do you mean? We'll because like a rat bad. Title is typically exactly that you. And I kind of like have some go back and forth. Some or some kind of topic that we'll battle over rather than just like, hey, I'm gonna wrap to you. Now about Alexi Lalas makes sense. So I think what I was thinking you can if you want to veto it. That's fine. I was thinking in the build up to the next caught offside Cup. We rap battle about that. All right. Okay. You prefer that. Because then I can we can actually take shots at one another. What am I going to say to you? What do you? What is it that your topic? Was that you picked. I was Brennan you pick Brendan Ron for me. And I was struggling to get tremendous car just like Lin Manuel Miranda rapping about Hamilton. You know, like, it's not really a battle with anyone. He's just like, well, I was going to say that the listeners could vote for whoever's was best. Well, they could still do that. But I think we need to have something that we can like trash talk each other over. All right. Okay. Okay. With that. Yeah. That's fine. Wow. Just going to be a real good go straight at your sensitivities. The fact that you, you know in therapy, all those I'm not, but I have no problem with people that are no, neither do I. But I'll just I will pick away at your insecurities. Well, there are many to choose from. Well, hey, this I enjoyed this. Our thanks to Dan dormer from the London. His blue podcast as we went in the. Club with him. We will be back on Thursday. Hey, so you I say take a letter from box, ticker listening to cod off side soccer podcast..

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