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Blacked out there when you were talking, I I was was nudes. news Team Canada scape loss. I think it was in the quarters to Switzerland. They ended up tying that game with a point four seconds Severson, right. Yeah. I love going to the the ended up going to the finals, but boys Finland to Finland had one NHL or on the, the world championship winning team. Congratulations to them team. You Salani was tweet and all about it, and they're going hard, fin the whole country's going. That's what I mean. The peace brother was posting videos on Instagram of the bar. He was in and people were like jumping in the some other videos, had people jumping in like fountains, kind like Lovie did non North Americans the world championships is, is enormous every single year. I mean that is like so for them to win the title with Russia. They had and Russia USA quarterfinal. It was it was like an Olympic game. I mean the talent that both teams had so Finn them ends up. Getting it done. It was also really. Cool. I think the story of Great Britain took the words out of my mouth. Yeah. Yeah. They were jumping around chanting. What was it? We just yet. No. It was like, basically like mens league guys going out there and getting it done. I guarantee those guys we're getting so banged up every night of that tournament. I loved it. So Ben Davies kid who scored the OT winner in order to keep them in the top league play. I play with them in Cardiff. Oh. Really all my team at if he was one of the the local, so he didn't he didn't take up an import spot. He was very valuable because he's from there and he was he was a good player. He was like a top, two lying die in that league. I think he still plays in it. And then another local guy that I was telling you guys, it was the guy who found a cure for a cure for breast cancer, Luke Piggott. I've mentioned him on the podcast. Yeah. So we had a very interesting group of, of guys, including the local guys, I told you about the, the back of goalie who had left, my running shoes form because he had duct tape all over his keeping together. He worked at like an enterprise. It was kind of like the replacements. They're playing in the world's against Patrick Kane and Ovechkin and it's two thousand seventeen they were in the one b division and they beat your pan for off to get in the one eight division. And then they're they beat hung hung, Gary. How do you say Hungary Hungary newfound land new hung? Gary I have I know a guy Gary who's really hung. That's what happened. And so what happened is they were down to nothing that game they ended up winning three two or I don't even know if they were down either way, they won with, like fifteen seconds to advance into like the main pool, and now they're staying there. Right. Because of that win against France. So cool, it is cool to see another country like moving up the rankings to think back twenty years ago, Switzerland, they were I don't know if there are a laughingstock, but they weren't anywhere near a world power stopped. Kind of instill ways up. It's nice to see other countries getting up, I want to one Australia to get good hockey tonight, might Mike. I went over there with the Olympics go over their very first episode of chiklis was was via Sally from Australia. Oh, there you go. We were on my couch. So we were still doing on back up the bad. Yeah. Wayne and got style. Yeah. It'd be such a cool place to for where hockey be good. And I mean it's you know you could have a team in sit and my God deadly animals to name teams after the women's. Oh, speaking of women. I had my ex girlfriend one of my first girlfriends ever from Vancouver..

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