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They're limiting passengers to one emotional sport amble per person and only dogs and cats in containers, go. So you can't have you bring your emotional support good. They're into it though. The airlines to lay the hammer down on the emotional. Yes, I agree. And they. Delta's shutting them down and out south west to start down. Good cause them and people were starting to get a little carried away. I got into martial support python. Bring my emotional support. Never. We had the big flight where they had to take everybody off the plane, and then they had to go back on and try to get this lady off because she had emotional support, squirrel. Yeah. And they get off the plane and they had to Debord everybody anymore. Everyone delayed the flight doesn't they had to go get her off. Yeah. And then they had to reboarded plot. I mean, I thank you get off the plane lady. We're not letting stupid, squirrel. It's ridiculous. Is it's ridiculous. Yeah. And so eventually you knew somebody would have to put their foot down and say okay enough. We're not allowing your horse on a flight. I mean, you can't bring it emotional support cow onboard emotional support horses, though are actually the little ones are allowed. But I don't think on south west delta allows them the little she's like a Shetland pony kind of thing. Yeah. It was just stupid. He shouldn't have Shetland pony off flight if you know, the hell, no, no, stay home. Stay home. If you can't fly for boy, eight point b without a horse, stay home. That's that's pretty good advice kit is or dry. There are other means of transportation. Take a bus going to train whatever. But greyhound allows the no I'm guessing I don't think so hug allows the emotional sport horses. Although what are they saying this year like forty six million people are going to be traveling home for Christmas, forty six million? I don't wanna be on the freeways during this particular time of year. It's going to be a nightmare. Yeah. Definitely. Greyhound does not recognize emotional support dogs does not even dogs allows service therapy animals to travel with their owners allow emotional service pets. Okay. So you're not getting outta no about a bus. You know, you're not with your with your horse. No, you're not. But if you got the paperwork, right? I mean, they're saying emotional support. But if they if it's a service dog if you have the right paperwork. They probably have to have gotta let you can't turn out with that. Like, if I have paperwork out, my fish gotta let me out titled things. God I can't travel with this. I got an emotional support swordfish to come on the bus with me. It's kind of a large container, but I've got the paperwork got it. So you gotta let me let me doctor says I cannot travel without that ridiculous. It is. It's that things are so ridiculous. Now that that would not surprise me at all not one high ODA. We were talking yesterday about on on Glenn's TV show about the biggest story of the year. And and to me, I think the biggest thing of this year was the end of so many things, you know, who I heard you say that the show. You go down your list. But I think you left out one really I'm with you. I think I'm with a strong case for that. It was it's the end of free speech, you know, losing your job, right, or stating your opinion. For twitting. You're tweeting and opinion you being banned for expressing conservative thoughts. It's the end of interpersonal relationships between men and women how in the age of me to can you begin a relationship with somebody? You're interested in I don't because you can't ask anybody anything. It's the end of being innocent until proven guilty and accusation is enough to end your career and your position in life. I mean, nobody wants to see you ever again just on being accused of something. It's the end of science a human fetus, isn't human genders. How you identify in your head? It's crazy. The end of facts, it's the end of all those things what do you?.

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