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Search top ten. At one 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s to read a Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Well, right now, we do have a motorcade going through the area in the district. So this is causing temporary stoppages and a lot of diversion points and a lot of delays. Northbound I two 95 was already in delays from joint base anacostia bowling trying to head toward the 11th street bridge, but we also have delays along south capital street crossing the Douglas bridge. Southbound D.C. two 95 heavy in that direction as well. Colors on to 95 are reportedly being pushed onto 6 95 if you're on the freeway you're going to find delays in both directions to the closure points where police are going to be holding traffic until the motorcade can get through. This was affecting main avenue trying to get on to three 95 the night street tunnel. Anything trying to get around from the third street tunnel if you're stopped. It is going to be a temporary stoppage, but we do have to let the motor kit get through before they can let traffic go. Now northbound three 95 is slow after The Pentagon trying to get onto the freeway within this delay. That westbound freeway delay is after the 11th street bridge before south capital street. We also have a slowdown in the northbound third street tunnel headed on to New York avenue. Northbound D.C. two 95 delays after Pennsylvania avenue all the way past bening road callers report a work crew in the right lane. If you're on the beltway, the inner loop between university and New Hampshire, there was large tire tread along the right side, the outer loop delay in Virginia, slow out of Tyson's headed on to westbound 66 on the ramp. The left lane is blocked with the work, the inner loop is slow headed toward 66 as well due to a work crew, southbound 95 slows crossing the Aquaman and in Stafford, northbound slows Dale City into woodbridge, and lorton into newington at the end of that newington to lay there had been some crash activity on both shoulders. I watched for a response showing up to the scene. Back in Maryland on northbound 95 delays are starting to ease a bit headed past the Howard county rest area, the rest area itself had been closed off with police activity. Say goodbye to dripping faucets leaky pipes and clogged drains, Snell will take care of it all the same day or it's free. Book online in 30 seconds at Snell easy book dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. Now the storm team fours chuck bell. Increasing chances for rain and thunderstorms as we get further into this Wednesday afternoon and it is hot and humid. Temperatures in the low 90s for highs today and 80%

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