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Bears first two games of the season. Two weeks from today, we'll be getting ready for the Bears and lions they played At Ford Field in Detroit. Noon. Kickoff on Facts 32 September 13th bears lions, and then after that, a week later, they play back his soldier field against the Giants. Now, if in fact even Montgomery's out 2 to 4 weeks. That means he could be ready for the opener. But The guy's got a groin injury. I don't know how quickly you want to have him rush out there because we re injured it or is that 100% healthy in Vegas hamstring hamstring and that was August 3rd. And yesterday crossing the street light was starting to change while I took a half up to the curb, and I could feel that is still not ready yet. But then again, I'm not getting the old airplanes or pain, right? Yeah, I'm not getting electric stem, and I'm not. You know that putting ice on it every day and usually the you know, the only thing called is the beer in my hands. I'm not worried about that kind of stuff. You could still sit on the couch with you. No good form and But I got a really nice ice pack that works wonders. It's really good. I just had to be sitting there. Which you again. Today's till Sunday, So maybe I'll have a nice back with me. But I don't think the Bears can beat the Lions and the Giants it with Cordero, Patterson or Tariq Owen is running, especially when we don't know what the quarterback situation is. Goingto look like I still need to run a game either way up to the point where I don't think it matters. I will take one. I don't think ones that much better than the other. I really don't And I know bears fan you want to jump in. Do you really think that your son is right and shoulders above the other? No, I agree with that. I don't think that I think you know when one needs to get pull the other one better be ready and the other one will gotta recoup, you know, gather their thoughts and get back into it and there it is going to be a platoon things back and forth. I think the thing we heard J. J say when he joined us cover minutes ago. Why's that This is going to be an ongoing thing. He said he would not be surprised if it changes. Late in October, and then again, maybe in. There's not going to be a defined winner of this card. This is the guy well, hey, has improved it proven it and Matt Nagy basically said Nagy said something which is interesting. He actually said that They're going to do it inside internally, he said. But it won't be done publicly. Solace like we gotta wait. Watch so we should start talking about that whole kicker thing. So basically land a big smokescreen. Anyhow, I heard Did you hear? I think it was Podian cap. No, He was a lot on Sylvia talking about how they thought that maybe they signed that kicker so that we could start talking about kickers and quarterbacks. You don't realize that there's never It's never going to change a CZ. Long as you're a bears fan. There will always be quarterback talk. Is there always has been since Sid Luckman. There has never been that one quarter. And if we ever if we ever get in there, not Aaron Rodgers himself, But Aaron Rodgers type of franchise quarterback homes, watch any of those guys will be talking about that one person. Dad nauseam. We never just going to settle. We're not in the DNA of Ah, really bears. Let's see if they can get there. If they could get close to that, maybe that would happen, Nagy was asked..

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