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Any of the four detectors colliding the particle packets at thirteen Tera electron volts and creating the sorts of conditions pressures and temperatures that occurred just after the big bang thirteen point eight two billion his ago. I'm Stewart, Gary you're listening to space time. Japan is launched a satellite designed that employ in artificial Meteo shower of Russia, the Japan aerospace, expiration agencies Epsilon four rocket blasted off from the space at us out of Tokyo carrying seven miniature satellite payloads into a five hundred and fourteen kilometer high orbit while six of the satellites will undertake very scientific experiments. The seventh carries four hundred tiny balls designed to burn brightly once released rain down back through the atmosphere. The Turkey obey startup company behind the so called Shooting Stars on the man service says the spacecraft's program that employ up to twenty of these tiny chemical balls at a time designed to glow brightly for several seconds before completely burning up. The flight was the fourth mission for the Epsilon solid fueled rocket and the first to carry multiple payloads. China's Caridad sick for twenty nineteen carrying four new satellites into orbit the solid fueled long match eleven launch vehicle blast the draw from the Yukon satellite loan center carrying the gel in one spectrum zero one zero to hyper spectral imaging satellites. These will join a growing constellation of miniature earth observation satellites developed by Beijing using multi-spectral and infrared imaging systems also aboard the flight were the link, Hugh, one eight verification said light which will test communications between orbiting satellites and the jar Zhang one zero three satellite, which will test radio communications and remote sensing technology. The launch was the two hundred ninety nine mission for the long March series rocket. This is Andrew Dunkley host of the podcast space nuts, along with my good friend. Dr Fred Watson, astronomer lodge. We provide a podcast every week looking at some of the things happening in the astronaut Michael world and to a certain degree. That's what inspired my next venture. When I'm not working on radio or doing the podcast or working for the Salvation Army, which is actually my full time job. I like to ride recently wrote an audio book which turned into a paperback and enable called all I see is mud a World War One story about my grandfather. I also write a sports psychology book to help golfers who get angry on the golf course called five irons. Don't float, but if a tongue in cheek book that had a lot of fun with it, but my newest book is science fiction. This is a story called parallel. X it's available as a paperback, and you can download the book through Amazon and other able distributors. And it's a story about a man who gets thrust back to his birth. But the interesting twist here is that he retains all his life's knowledge. So he knows what's going to happen for the next fifty years. But the twist in the tale is that he's not the only one, and this strange corporation appears in his new life called parallel, and they want what he knows. So downloaded as an e book or you can buy it online at all the major online bookstores or in a real bookstore. It's available as a paperback do hope you enjoy parallel and you'll find links to all my books. Andrew Dunkley dot com and timeout to take a brief look at some of the other stories making museum science this week with a science report Greenland is melting faster than scientists previously thought and will likely lead to faster sea level rise. Thanks to the continued accelerating. Warming of the earth atmosphere site is concerned about sea-level rise of Longford. I on Greenland southeastern north western regions, where massive glaciers stream iceberg sized chunks into the Atlantic Ocean. Those chunks float away eventually melting. But a new study reported in the proceedings of the National Academy of sciences is found that the largest sustained is loss from two thousand and three to twenty thirteen came from Greenland southwest region, which is mostly devoted large. Glaciers whatever this was it could be explained by glaciers because the Ron many there. So it had to be the surface mess. The ice on the ground was melting inland from the coastline that melting which is largely caused by logo. Warming means that in southwestern part of Greenland, growing rivers of water streaming into the ocean during summer, and this is likely to be a major contributor to sea level rise. A new study claims regularly use of anti inflammatory drugs such as aspirin ibuprofen. Could hope patients with head and neck cancers. Scientists is found that regular use of these drugs lower the levels of inflammatory molecules found in patients with head and neck cancers hoping to improve survival and recovery you can read more about the findings in the journal of experimental medicine. And you study throws into question the notion that today's crocodiles alligators in Cayman have a simple evolutionary past previous researches pointed to crocodiles came in. And alligators starting with land-based answers to some two hundred million years ago, and then gradually moving to fresh water to become the semi aquatic ambush predators there today. But a new analysis published in the journal scientific reports officer different story claiming that modern crocodiles came in. And alligators came from a variety of surroundings, beginning the Jurassic and very species occupied a host of different ecosystems over time including land as she ruined fresh water marine transitions between land fresh water and sea or more frequent than thought and the transitions themselves not always from land fresh water or from freshwater to marine scientists piece together crocodile came in and alligators and sister, but analyzing a large family tree showing the evolution history of living and extinct crock. Cadel's came in. And alligators. And you study is found that postmenopausal women who regularly ate fried food have an increased risk of high related death and death from any cause the findings reported in the British medical journal based on questionnaires assessing the diets of one hundred and six thousand nine hundred and sixty six women aged between fifty and seventy nine researchers found that foods such as fried chicken fried fish or shellfish associated with a higher risk of heart related death. Especially among women aged fifty to sixty five years fried chicken was the deadliest fast food idiot every day increase the risk of death by thirty percent and the risk of heart related death by twelve percent up to a third of North American adults. Eat fast food every day. Previous studies have already suggested that a greater intake of fried foods was associated with a higher risk of type two diabetes and heart disease. Anti vaccines are being blamed for thirty percent jump in Mason's cases. That huge increase in Maizels has been sending both Europe and the United States. However, the trend is not been repeated in Australia with government programs designed to encourage immunization of paid off with immunization coverage rates in children hitting record highs. Tim Mendham from strange skeptic says the figures from merica in Europe shows how dangerous the Addy vexes can be really scary stuff. I mean, it's a major increase in missiles places around the world are the same. So the real boom in the anti vaccination the impact of the antibodies from next way back when when Andrew Wakefield did he's report on supposedly autism linked to the vaccine and pay up. Right. Why didn't you came measles? Vaccination dropped entices amazing sword, and then that seemed to dry out a bit. With those pre Andrew wakes was shocking. But since then the maze was has come back dangerous that people did not seem as it was anymore. When I was a kid Maizels. There was seriously damaged by nasal smoking. We used to dive, it's okay because through vaccination died out and suddenly people have become complacent and it's come back and it's come back with a vengeance. In Europe, especially in the US, and increasingly seraglio the numbers of cases of missiles says increase we had to Mazen's Todd was killing about two and a half million people year a lot of countries that dropped in about two thousand sixteen. I think it was too bad eighty thousand a year dying with people who have been damaged by the Houston has a license. Also things that killed by Maizels was drafted ninety. It's back up to about one hundred twenty thousand a year people dying of this disease that we almost had walked out except the anti vaccination movement. Kid making comments that oh measles killed. Anybody can have Maizels Totti's where you can bring you keep the long Emmanuel catch measles. And it'll be great for title stupidity. Totally responsibility. People paying with their lives, and it's little kids by large who pain is price because their parents are not doing the right thing. T Mendham from strain skeptics, you're listening to space time. I'm Stewart Gary, and that's the show for now. You can subscribe and download space time as a free twice weekly podcast through apple podcast. I tunes Stitcher bites dot com. Pocket casts. Soundcloud YouTube audio boom from space time with Stewart, Gary dot com or from your favorite podcast. Download provider space times also broadcast coast to coast across the United States on sides three sixty radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington DC and available around the world unto union radio. If you want more space time checking our blog where you'll find all the stuff we couldn't fit in the show as well as loads of images media stories, videos and things on the web. 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