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ESPN radio and the ESPN app Dory. Noko activated good to be here. Getting you through a little bit of the long awaited return of NBA regular season games after a all star break day too long. But that's just me. They wouldn't think who wouldn't think it's too long. Don, Nelson would not think it's it's too long. None of the hall of Famer the head coach of many many franchises was in Oakland last night. And he was being honored. Former warriors of the past cluding, Jason Richardson, Steven Jackson were there and done Nelson. Who you may remember as I would say maybe a bit of a fun loving head coach a lot of success and a lot of years coaching. Don, Nelson was asked before. Well, you'll hear the question. He's been busy. Let's say this. Let's catch up with Don Nelson Nellie is. He's better known on what he's been doing over the last few years. Really about what you've been doing after basketball coach. I know you live for y you're eight so. Campa. Played coach. But anyway. Legal ever man and knowing that. Oh my goodness Nellie. How good is that? How? Devin Carter one more time. Let's one more time. It's the best side you'll hear.

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