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And we are back back once again with the illicit behaviors. Have Terrible Harper me. No I think it's because of our number of lived on coffee today. Oh in about six shredded wheat. Six crush them all up in the bowl so that I'm just eating basically Moshe Yummy and covered in sugar. Yes because I'm twelve okay. Should we get more scoring us on the go? I think we shall and our next email comes in from the wonderful person Jay Adams. Hello Jay and Jay writes in. He's written before you may recall. He writes in with an email called theme tune. He says Hi Kevin. Hi this is. This is a story featuring your podcast. But I'm not sure if it's in the supernatural field or not well. Let's see in late November. Last year I was staying in a small country town in a two bedroom. Modern Unit. With my brother we'd gone there for my mother's birthday. I fell asleep on the Saturday night. About eleven o'clock but before that I'd been listening to podcasts on my phone on a small set of mini speakers. I tend everything employees into the power because I had to charge the phone and speak up for the trip back home. So everything was turned off plugged in and I went to sleep now around three a. m. in brackets because everything always happens at three am. I woke up on the curtains on the window. Were banking and it seem like the room in the bed was shaking. We're not going to sleep. There was a storm away on the horizon and it finally arrived with a bang. It did seem to me though that the curtains were banging and things seem to be shaking much more than just from a storm. I had a thought. I wonder if this place haunted immediately. After thought the opening chords of your theme bled out of the mini speakers. I leaped opens. Hand them off because my brother was asleep in the next room it really made my heart rates to suddenly blast out like that and it took me a while to go back to sleep especially as there was a noisy storm outside now. What's strange about this whole incident is everything was turned off when I went to sleep. Also there were no new episodes of your podcast. I'd finish them all. This was the starting of the last talk about ghost. Podcast that I listen to but the second. The phone is to delete the PODCASTS. After they've been played so somehow the phone attend itself on downloaded and started playing an already played. Podcast all by itself so now the speakers it also managed to turn themselves on and connect to my phone by themselves. I wasn't even listening to your podcast when I turned everything off as I say. Lose all up to date and was listening to another podcast. That wasn't even ghost themed. It was a Hollywood crime scene. Podcast I had a very becca philosophy about the whole thing. Why would these units be haunted? They were probably built in the early nineties. I didn't have any sorts of feelings. Premonitions about anything before this incidence. The oncoming electrical storm probably had everything on and did some weird things. Even though the units were across the road from the cemetery known as being buried there since the mid seventies the only connection I can make is. I asked in my mind. Is this place haunted. I was immediately answered with Music. That means to me. We need to talk about ghosts. Thanks for doing the extra episodes in quizzes and everything you do in at this time. I'm loving Bekker's appeared or more on the part you to her Larry's together. My only suggestion is on the next quiz. She could do a few rounds by herself. I say Jay never had the likes of it but it's a very good suggestion and I see that you've also sent in a potential round for her to do so. Thank you sincerely for that. That's brilliant but what a story you know. That's a second only the second story that we've had or spooky story that we've had that featured this very podcast. You may remember the other one that was that absolute blew my mind the other week again. There's podcast is this podcast taunted. I will say this though Jay that is terrifying to say that like you know you've woke up midst. It sounds scary. Anyway to wake up mid storm opposite the cemetery and doesn't matter whether is focused or not to have anything. Blair now through some speakers. I turned off is exceptionally do but yeah. I don't know but isn't it? You know it's also fascinating if it was caused by the electrical storm isn't it? I think the so much that we don't know about the F. and electricity or more can do that. You know if a storm is sand all your appliances that supernatural in itself is not literally super natural but Jay. Thank you very much with us during that was fantastic. Wow Wow wow okay. Let's have another our next. Email comes in from mindy wind holes and she writes on this subject. Line is from Sir with love. War Can joke. She says hi Kevin and Becker high hard. Thank you so much. We create and such entertaining from podcast. You're very welcome. I bring you with me when I go into my daily walk and you always give me something extraordinary to ponder politics music discussions and balance of faith in brackets as Kevin defines it and logic in brackets. Which Becker provides she certainly does. I also really enjoyed the Trivia nights world shooting next Saturday yes mindy I. I wanted to share how excited I was to hear. Amanda Story About the Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia. I grew up not far from the Concordia and actually performed a theater when I was in senior when I was a senior in high school the Gulf Small Ensemble on his group performed the medley from Sister Act complete with habits. We were delighted when we were told the the actual nuns in the audience. It's a beautiful venue with great acoustics and reportedly quite haunted very good. Secondly I'd like to share a story that is a bit spine tingling but also ends on a hopeful note. A few years ago my family and I moved to Saint Louis. We found a lovely run style home built in nineteen seventy three and purchased it from the original owner. My husband and I had two small children and I ran an in home daycare so there was always a lot of energy. My eldest child who's fourth time began to talk about seeing a man in the basement. He described him as friendly wearing a Hawaiian print cher with dark hair and a mustache. Is this magnum. Pi It does sound like Magnum Pi. Do you know Magnum wears no socks? That was actually graffiti by. Where islet someone who took a spray paint spray paint took spray count and spray painted on a wall magnum. Pi whereas no socks genuine. I mean if you got nothing better to graffiti anyway. Some with as a man mustache darker Hawaiian shirt. He had an active imagination. But I kept note as I've always said I would believe a child who told me about paranormal occurrences in brackets. I'm an eighties kit after all raised on horror movies and unsolved mysteries a classic American. Tv show that told us to feel why fans in no windows. We also noticed. Our ports like would not work except in the month of October especially Halloween. We had an electrician. Check it out but to no avail. This lasted the whole five years. We lived there one bright morning around seven thirty. I was setting up toys for the daycare. I was the only one wake. My husband had left the work in my right ear. I had very clearly a whispered. Hello I looked around to find only empty space a few weeks later. A strong scent of roses emanated from the basement. We had open stairs leading up the basement with only a child gate. Barring the says so the stairwell was open and the bottom of the stairs completely visible. No flowers were in the home and stop wearing scented lotions and perfumes after becoming a mom. It's important note. I was never scared of this phenomenon which is surprising but it didn't happen to allow often. We would joke about the house being halted but clearly there was something going on in the course of all time in that neighborhood we learned that the original owner a man named Gary died in the master bedroom of a heart attack. He'd been a police officer and he and his wife had one son. We also found out. He died in October in brackets hence the porch light when a neighbor described his appearance. It must exactly who my son said he'd seen in the basements in due time. My husband got a new job. I moved out of state. We found a rental up and they kept the home for seven years. Sadly just this past September we discovered the rents are literally trash. The home so much of the points it was unlivable and abandoned the property without telling us all the property manager. It was heartbreaking. Fortunately there was a couple who was living across the street with the wife's mother who is new original owner in the neighborhood the couple of flips houses and found this to be a good opportunity though though there was a great deal of work to do and we took a massive loss. We were happy. Some moments bringing it back to life. The wife has been in touch with us from time to time to share progress. They've got the upstairs entirely an begun working in the basement. Just yesterday she sends a message. This was April the twenty third by the way she sent a message to my husband asking. If we had a ghost in the house she went on to share with us that they've been tearing down. Sheetrock in the basement and up near the ceiling husband found a two by four that gave him pause written on the board with the words. Larry I love you. Hit husband's name Larry. She told my husband. I don't believe in ghosts but this was incredible. My husband shared with her all stories to corroborates her experience. I like to think that Gary is happy. The rent is gone and that Larry has saved the day. Thank you for sharing my story and keep up the great work. I have a few more stories that I may send in as well. Please do mindy. 'cause that was absolutely brilliant. I mean I don't know what we can stretch that to say like you know he's trying to to buy full in the seal and etched on it. Is I love you? Larry I Larry did you say thank you Larry. Whether it's a let me just remind myself what it said says Larry. I love you from interesting. I'm we think that was from Gary. Gary LOVES LARRY WHY NOT IT RHYMES? What a story that. I love a good haunted house story. I like to think as well. Hopefully that evil gets who had your house trashed. I hope that they were scared. Out By magnum the ghost of magnum opus. Dinan Damn Damn Damn Eighteen Kevin. No you're eighteen teams for God's sake but thank you many silly senator stories because that was great. Okeydokey you have one.

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