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But I think it's kind of like how Boston Robin Poverty started working together. You'd rather go with the people that you know then these strangers or people that you aren't as familiar with so I would have initially probably teamed up but then always making sure always make sure that what's going on with him no right right And I feel the same way that I feel like that if I was out there on a season with disability be like. Hey let's let's keep this guy around for as long as we can ya and honestly after playing with Sarah. I do think that Boston Rob is more trustworthy than Sarah. Just because I think he is a little more of the old school mentality where gas he will completely backstab you. But he's GonNa WanNa try to have a core group longer than someone like she would and so. I think that in a weird way. I think he's actually a better bet than a lot of these winners especially the new school people because I feel like new school survivor. There's just a lack of loyalty just on all ends. Yeah okay this is an interesting thing to talk about. Because we saw this back in the first episode where that rob was talking with. I think with Dante boat ride and with Ethan and then we cut to like where you know Jeremy and Ben Adam are and and rob says something to the effect of luck see. That's the problem with these new school players. That they don't they don't talk to each other. They're just they're they don't they? Don't get to know each other and Robert saying that's what we do as old school players. We get to know each other. Do you think that there's something to that Yeah I do think so. I mean I remember. It was different because it's my first time on survivor though. But when I first played with rob we did. We played a lot of fun games. granted the one time he played a game he actually ran back to camp and found in high dose. How much of it was real? Who knows but it did feel more of the bright eyed bushy tailed kind of excited to be on survivor. Feel and again. I was my first time in survivor. But when you play with newer people or when you're coming back as a returner it's just all game from the top and you don't really get to know the people as well. I think that part of ROB's game is that in his perfect scenario like what happened in Redemption Island. You Know He. He builds up a group of five or six people and he is a little bit more like a counselor and I think he wants to go into the into the merge with five or six people and then completely knock off everybody from the other tribe whereas I feel like that. A lot of people are saying like okay. Who's my one or two people? Okay and how can I put together? This voting block with this pair in this pair in this pair as opposed to and I'm not necessarily worried about it. Yeah this is my tribe right now but this is not my tribe for the long haul. Yeah and I think. The old school way to play survivor was bigger alliances. That actually stuck together and it's just so different now. I don't even know if I can fully keep up because I actually like having a group of people. I don't know if that's because I started playing survivor around. That strategy was still happening but I just like the idea of like having a core like three or four and then a couple of wires just how I like playing survivor. But you have to adapt and now you have to be willing to work with every single person and not be as focused on having this core alliance. Where do you think you went wrong for rob this season? I just think that he was doomed from the start because the last season we had a big Joe giant giant Boston Rob Statue. That's true you can't recover from you really can't and I think that when you look at survivor. The people that stick out as the top layers are Boston. Rob Sandra Poverty. You know I just think that those three are synonymous with survivor and back the back. The back in this game yeah. I think I'm actually shocked. He went as far as of course than his last ditch. Effort Buddy system is just not going to work on these players. Anton that bring back any painful memories for you for to have the buddy system be brought back from Boston buddy system on steroids according to Sarah. Yeah well the buddy system was the worst because the thing is when somebody like Boston. Rob Says we're doing the buddy system and you have all these people that actually WanNa work with Boston. Rob On redemption island. You're you're paired with someone and of course. I was paired with Philip. So was a terrible situation. But you're this person the whole time. And if you if you step out of line your buddy is GonNa go tattle on you. So that's what it was so basically. Hey have you see you buddy? Talk into some of these ZAPPA. Tara's you come back and you snitch on you'll be saved but they're gone hall and so there's really nothing you could do because even if you pulled your body aside and said Hey. Are we really going to do this? Are we going to do this? Buddy system this just feels very constricting. Then guess what either way your Buddies GonNa tattle on you so there was nothing that I could do with this buddy system and in in that sense it was brilliant job. So it's not but it didn't translate to this scene at half. Okay so with the buddy system then would there also be like every day? Then you'd have to have a meeting with rob where Andrea Wherever broadwood Andrea. Tell me fill up saying anything to you about talking to the Salvatore and then and then he would be able to read you like he did with Ben where you'd be like well Andrea. You better tell me you better tell me the truth. I mean the thing that he did that was actually great. Is he would make it. Seem like even though it was his idea he would make it. Seem like.

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