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Show really please. I have tried It's funny how young people have rediscovered the office because Carson his buddies all watch the office and it went off the air like almost ten years ago. Didn't it yeah? He was He did a live with her and he was quizzing her on Office. Trivia and I only watched a first second because she was such a typical teen where she's distracted. Her mom came in and brought her some like a dope. And you don't know what's happening. You can't see like my mom even rain. I think we're like why like why. And then she says something in the asked Trivia and she gets it right but then I got out. She is distracted human. I can't watch that video. A fun fact. That jonkers inskeep admitted the other day that he stole the Big Thunder Mifflin. Sign that you'd see like when they walk in the office. Yeah on the last day because no one was supposed to take anything because they put it into like NBC props department. They are still the teapot to the one that gives them a WHO gives pam or whatever because that was a that was a surprise that John Quincy told her on the podcast. Jennifer Fisher does so I guess that's going to be cool thing. Would you like on friends? Or whatever and you it up and you know it's over it's like what are you steal? The Sach knows they would notice like okay. Jennifer take the frame that was on the back of the door even though that's probably conspicuous the other day on American idol. Thank you Ryan seacrest toward the end of the show. I didn't see it but I guess he was talking. Funding one of his is seemed like it was halfway closed and people were worried the like did he have stroke. He did not now. Here's the actual audio check this out. Here we go cynthia or revox and.

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