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Market stephen back to you thanks bill we all know how weather can have a big impact on real estate last year's wildfires out west and the devastating back to back hurricanes made the real estate market's in those areas just stand still so as we head into the spring real estate market what can we expect will the weather be favorable for a robust season or not let's get the spring weather forecast from a pro joining us now is paul pass deluxe senior meteorologist and chief us longrange forecaster accuweather paul welcome to real estate today hey thanks for having me back we'll paul i think like most people you would think i'm so glad the spring is almost here because that was one wild winter well being if exhausted i mean you get a little quiet periods here and there but managed just been one after another can't catch our breath here we'll paul now that we're almost in the spring market hopefully we'll get a break from those bombsite clones and the nor'easters and the huge blizzards how are we looking in the northeast in the spring of two thousand eighteen anytime you have a very active late winter season like we've had it takes time for the atmosphere to relax the upper levels of the jet stream are still very strong but the surface is warming up and that could cause some big things to happen that's when severe weather comes into play and that's our big concern especially as we get into april and may for the middle part of the nation and your brakes taking.

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