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WCBS. And now, let's check on that weather forecast with John Elliott rawal weather today. Wet and cool sixty-nine much later this afternoon for a high, and we're going to have to earn it overnight tonight warmer air arrives watch out for a few isolated thunderstorms, much, warmer, Tuesday and Wednesday from CBS news. I'm generally light rain still falling sixty one in central park at ten forty white. Dallas police officer is free on bond this morning after being charged with manslaughter in a bizarre shooting that left a black man dead inside his own home off duty police officer, amber Geiger is accused. Of killing Botham, John. The officer allegedly told investigators she mistook his apartment for her own and shot and killed him. After she went inside CBS. Correspondent Omar Villafranca is at the Dallas apartment complex. She was still in uniform when she encountered Mr. gene in the apartment at some point. She fired her weapon striking victim. Details about what happened directly before the shooting remain unclear. He lives my, pride and joy. But John's family members continue to search for answers the times when you feel like giving up I could not give up because. I'm right now in his death. I can never give up. The thirty year old officer Geiger was taken into custody last night. She had been with the police department for four years and is now on administrative leave and a since posted bail supporters are lining up behind. Serena Williams after her outburst on the court at the US open. Supporters like Novak Djokovic which returned fire should not have Syrian to the limit, especially grand slam. Final Williams charging sexism was behind on pyre Carlos Ramos's, penalizing her a game after her outburst escalated to calling him a liar and a thief. Former tennis star James Blake. I've seen others do much worse Inagua penalized. Even some pros. Supporting Rommel's say the problem is inconsistency among empire. Spooky barker. CBS news w CBS.

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