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I'm ryan kaufman in that's nationals radio on the call adam lynn's to run home run in the second game of the daynight doubleheader kept the rockies from sweeping the twin bell from the nationals game one went pretty well as charlie black men went four for five with four runs as colorado walked air fatty tend to six in his major league debut your kids will appreciate the fed he walked pref its in advance of today's two pm trade deadline the rockies acquired rangers catcher jonathan lukoil for a player to be named later luporis banning to forty two with four home runs in twenty seven rbis and bub black says will be a welcome addition to the club you know to to get this type of player i think you know it's as with what i'm ryan kaufman with your extra sports update sports fla nam bread heller we're now four hours away from the major league baseball trade deadline to deals already completed today the red sox have landed closer addison read from the mets in exchange for three prospects read as nineteen saves in a two and a half the ria filling in for jr east familia so far this season he's expected to be the setup man for craig kimbrell reid will be a free agent after the season knew all the cubs require closer justin wilson and catcher alex the villa from the tigers for to prospects a player to be named later in cash the question now is for the tigers are they done selling what about justin avert lander the right hander as an no trade claw the trade deadline communiques a time and you know i i do of control of my own destiny with nice but i just i can't answer that question i wish i could the tigers visit.

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