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Say now back to the sage larry elder oh a veteran who i love your show i got a thorough republican have got more on her decide not her or where bomber care reform i it were our border cream in group out break that on the air off of president trump on the back on berisha snow through way about it the preparing thumbs up family found the air the bill reform or get hurt triple eight nine seven one s eight triple eight nine one seven to fourteen agree completely with what you said chuck schumer however feels a little differently we have offered on the floor blocked by the republicans jeanne shaheen a claire mccaskill tim caine and tom carper different ways to make obamacare better and once the trumpcare bill goes down which i believe that we well we're going to have a whole lot of ideas on the future we ifp trumpcare then we can improve obamacare were eager to do that now that of course was before the senate vote that did move the debate to repeal and replace obamacare along procedurally it was a vote that was the tie with broken by vice president mike pence and john mccain dramatically came back to the senate cast a vote in favour of moving this along for continued debate now i mentioned a moment ago a professor at george washington university paul butler i have you paul butler before in paul butler as i mentioned before lease at the criminal justice system is so racist so unfair that he literally said that black jor or is had a moral obligation to acquit black criminal defendants who are being prosecuted for a misdemeanor even when they know they are guilty let that sink in ferment jury nullification urging black drawers to engage in nullification.

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