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The negative impacts can have, particularly on younger players grew up with Twitter, Instagram, as an integral part of life. They played checking Twitter at halftime. I've seen it player Tweety Nadi reasons with an organization about playing time or how being utilized. I see far too often, but the most concerning watching it really talented player groped his mind and confidence by reading all the critiques from anonymous football, birds around the world, negative social media can Lewin a play reading your mentions. It's poison. Thank you. Jason Witten just published four months after retiring as a player witness already doing more thoughtful in cypher journalism than many of my peers. I, I shouldn't be surprised. Journalists are dicta Twitter. Right? Anything that might cost them Twitter, really? Sorry about the quality. I I know I did a better version of this, but it sounds fine. Okay, guys, anyway, this is where I want to start the clip is that this where journalists are we talked about this all, they're all trolling on Twitter and they're afraid to say anything or report anything that might piss off their followers. This is something I hadn't taken into consideration that the journal the journals themselves don't want to lose their important followers engagement. So they're very cautious as to what they write enlist. They're doing it for effect is Twitter. They bigger threat to football than CT what a c. t. that's that head injury that you go. Twitter's worse than head injuries. Twitter has more influence over many professional athletes, coaches executives, and all the ship, the negative impact. Twitter is inflicted most effectively on black athletes, Wikipedia entry for black, Twitter. There's no such thing as white Twitter or Asian Twitter or Latino Twitter or Brown Twitter. There's only black Twitter when black people create something good in quickly appropriate Little Richard recorded, tutti fruity in nineteen fifty five one year later. Elvis thing on his first album for RCA. You see what I'm getting at black Twitter's been around for nearly decking. No other group is mimicking it. Why? Because it's poisoned Twitter bay people into thinking and believing the most ridiculous things. Let me give you an example. Twitter has black people. Convinced that kneeling during the national anthem, the cure for police brutality and not a gesture that undermines the success of an industry in the league that seventy percent African American plays black athletes need to get off twin. Let's be clear Jason Witten column today had nothing to do in black Twitter. He was talking about Twitter in general. You can see it's harmful impact on everyone..

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