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That is a full ten seconds. Now i've just counted wherever podesta's. I hope he had dan. Let's get it to thirty. I'm ready so drew. Mcintyre title rain was the culmination of a decades long journey and yet his time at the top came under probably the worst circumstances that any champion has had to endure so we're going to look back at his career so far now that it looks like his time in the main event is over for now So just to start us off cal. What do you think about drew mcintyre in the work that he's done over the years where you did you know a lot about him before he came back you know it's been a real journey has an it. He is someone who has been on a real ride. And if i'm being entirely honest because it's really hard for me to be honest about things that i was wrong about because i me i hate being wrong about stuff and subsequently i'm getting it but i never liked drew mcintyre and i run. I didn't enjoy his origin. Story is mr mcmahon's chosen one. I didn't enjoy didn't even really enjoy three. Mvp that much. Like i enjoyed at beginning but it was one of those things very quickly became like. Oh no and then. I did see some of his work on the india's when he was drew galloway which is arguably a better name and also his actual which is the madness of it. I actually got to see his last while. One of his last appearances which was in orlando at the w. w. n. super show and then he literally was on at the very beginning and scooted out and everyone in the audience is like he's the champion ages scooted like he got his ass kicked by keith lee and then just scoots and it's because he had to get over to take over to appear in the audience then twitter was go wild and everyone in the audience was like oh okay So i did enjoy his work. More on the indies. I thought it was great. It did seem to light a fire in him So when he came back. I was super pumped. He went from someone who left. And i really didn't care to someone who came back and i was thrilled. Yeah i followed much of the same journey as you like. I didn't really. I wasn't really watching in two thousand and eight. I don't make. I started watching again until pipebomb and even then it was just like little bit and then i started really watching about a twenty fourteen ish so i missed that whole thing and then yet three man band was fun at first and then they just kinda stretched it out to the point where it was no longer really like a fun. Gimmick just went way way too long and they didn't do anything with it and say yeah we get it like whatever guitar that's great. When people think rook stars they think pathetic scrawny toothpicks. Let's take bano. His life was on the line. I guarantee you. He could not do one lift beautiful. It was also one of those. It folk just felt sad. I know. Vince loves to humiliate But it that doesn't do it for me as a fan. It was the same as The the be list you know Catch saxl and you've and bow. It doesn't work for me when we make fun of people for sucking 'cause i don't suck they just don't have a story and it's like you them paint them as loses and how you ever bring them back even if you give them the redemption awkward. They suddenly do well it still a loser doing well instead of just someone being excellent and everyone involved in both of those angles. Who's great so that leaves us our tastes. It's like cringe comedy. It's not for for me. I don't like the safa makes me feel bad about a person to laugh at them to then go like oh good for them. Like i don't wanna be that person. Yeah it doesn't feel like an underdog it just feels like. Oh we're going to give them one. Yes yes exactly exactly. And it's one of those things where when those angles happened you can feel the wheels turning like as it's happening and that's never like a great thing i'd say let's go through. We're gonna go through a little bit piece by piece So we talked about drew immediately. Got the spotlight in the smackdown. Debut in two thousand and eight when he was billed as mr.

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