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Are you talk in r e m reamied we are going to be right back adam yes scott what are you what's your favorite book of all time my favorite book talking in a black thing my v o hello sir my favorite book of all time alltime alltime mmhmm like from the beginning of man from the beginning of the beginning from cave paintings to the latest tom clancy is their latest tom clancy there's always a latest time he maybe he made no longer be with us in the oil whatever the latest tom clancy was yes it's the last book ever made europe you know what sometimes i like to just curl up cozy on you say curl you mean curling like in the olympics res yes it get out on the ice and grabbed the nearest book which is usually e n e cummings but just a little coming on that yet because you hate capitalisation that's right i like the bible because it's a great value it's a bunch of words a bunch of little books in one now i it's a lot like the the richer bachman like the was that that steven canada different seasons rahab starbucks and why i had to read hayworth up or the richer bachman one's words the running man in everything it's at your value yeah it was his pseudonym a sudanair steven k and stephen king use very interesting period of uh of his writing any way we can both agree reading is fun always i love good e e cummings book deal you just cause comes in i i think you may be at essen look audio books are even better than regular books because you can drive around in listen to him you don't have to like it's sometimes reading a good book it's like a weightlifting competition and yago i got to bring this up to my face right especially even if it's on an ipad or or an or a divisive some guy stillitano lifted a one pound device efforts to heavy it's heavy heavy one pound is still heavy i'm not made of muscles oil money or muscles or muscle any so audio books are even better for that because you know you can learn so much.

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